Benefits of online CPD training courses

Benefits of online CPD training courses

15 Apr 2016

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Online CPD training is becoming one of the most popular alternatives to traditional learning methods. The continuous improvement and convenience of eLearning technology has significantly helped the growth of online learning, and the initial doubts of its effectiveness as a training method have weakened in the face of evidence showing that online CPD can be just as effective as face-to-face methods.

Benefits of online CPD training

Working professionals with limited available time have found many benefits to the flexibility provided by online CPD training courses. This article outlines some of the simple benefits and advantages that online CPD and eLearning can offer to both the individual and the CPD provider.

Advantages of online CPD

Online CPD training courses can be comparatively low cost and a more affordable option than traditional learning methodologies. There are no commuting costs for delegates or the trainer, and often course materials such as textbooks and handouts can be made available for free online, a significant advantage for those trying to learn on a budget. Online CPD training can be delivered time and time again with relatively low ongoing operating expense once the initial eLearning has been created. Many of the elements of online CPD can be automated to streamline the process and reduce time wastage.

Comfortable learning environment

Another benefit of online CPD is that it can provide a more comfortable learning environment for many delegates. There are no physical classrooms and learning materials can be electronically sent to professionals, who will then read them in their own comfort. Many of the stresses around learning are removed, such as leaving work early, fighting traffic, finding parking spaces, and missing any work deadlines for projects.

Online CPD training courses enable shyer and more introvert individuals to participate in class discussions or chats with more comfort than face-to-face class sessions, and concentration can improve as there are fewer distractions from others in the training classroom.

Flexibility and Convenience

Online CPD training courses provide both flexibility and convenience, allowing an individual to plan their learning around their other work priorities, instead of the other way around. Professionals can study at their personal optimum time, whether early in the morning or late at night. Training course materials are always accessible online through a log-in portal, and so there is less need to schedule a 9-5 time to learning. Online CPD learning has great benefits to those professionals who need to balance their work and family commitments more rigorously.

How to record your online CPD effectively

A common question we received is how do I record my CPD effectively? We have found that one of the simplest and easiest tools to use is called the CPD Cycle. The CPD Cycle stages are a simple set of logical and systematic steps to follow, with five key stages that are important when planning your Continuing Professional Development learning activities for the year.

Benefits of online CPD training

Commercial Advantages of online CPD

Providing online CPD training can benefit commercial organisations by allowing them to reach a more national or international market of professionals quickly and easily. Through effective online marketing, email communications and advertising, more professionals from different areas of the country can understand your brand and your expertise.

Online CPD allows the flow of knowledge to be transferred without the constraints of geographical locations. More and more universities, colleges, training providers and corporate entities are making both traditional and online CPD available to cater for the varied preferences and locations of their increased-sized target audience.

Advantages of technology

The advantages of the eLearning technology involved in online CPD training allows both delegates and providers to immediately see results of tests, grades and certificates of learning. Evaluation techniques can be optimised and feedback loops built into the training to improve the online course, which can be automated in order to provide a full and professional user experience.

How to improve your online CPD training courses

If you are looking for some helpful information on how to improve your online CPD training courses, we have put together some simple step by step tips to maximise its learning impact and potential. This article outline the process of improving an online CPD training course to help you get you familiar with some best practices.

Key factors to remember when creating online CPD

When creating Online CPD training courses, always look to make it interactive and engaging. Keep your online slides clean and simple, there is no need for overly colourful backgrounds, which can be distracting and devalue the learning content. Make sure to keep learning into modules with clear learning objectives to help assimilate large volumes of new information. This will also help knowledge retention.

Regularly review your materials and see where you can incorporate audio-visual if appropriate, as this can enhance the overall learning experience. Use company branding and logos sensibly, as over use can degrade the learning value of the training course. Keep your fonts, colours, layouts and designs consistent.

Make use of case studies in your online CPD training courses, as real life examples help put learning into context. Lastly, wherever possible use a delegate feedback loop at the end of your online CPD training course, as this will help you improve the training over time.

CPD accreditation for online training

Many online training organisations from a range of industries use CPD accreditation for their online training courses, eLearning and webinars. The CPD Certification Service help CPD providers accredit their online materials so attendees can use the learning towards their annual Continuing Professional Development obligations.

If you would like help converting your expertise into a powerful online CPD learning please contact our team. Alternatively please use our CPD Course Catalogue to find suitable learning for your Continuing Professional Development requirements.

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