Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for Universities

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for Universities

31 Jan 2019

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This article provides a simple overview of Continuing Professional Development for Universities. Continuing Professional Development (CPD) describes the ongoing learning activities that professionals and students engage in to develop their capabilities. CPD enables professionals to become conscious and proactive learners, rather than passive and reactive. Continuing Professional Development helps individuals to regularly focus on how they can become more competent and effective. Effective training and learning naturally help to increase confidence and competence, as well as complimenting an individual’s personal career aspirations.

CPD shows a clear commitment to self-development and professionalism. CPD provides an opportunity for individuals to identify knowledge gaps and resolve these in an effective approach to improvement. Universities can become accredited CPD providers in order to apply certified CPD hours to their existing courses, seminars, modules and events to help professionals with their annual Continuing Professional Development obligations.

University CPD Courses

When a University becomes a CPD provider it is often to certify a range of existing courses or events that are being delivered. These courses and events may be suitable to both students and the wider local professional community and as such the University can become CPD certified. University CPD courses can combine a whole range of different learning options, such as seminars, conferences, and e-learning modules all to help the learner professionally improve and achieve their annual CPD requirements.

There are currently over 1000 professional bodies & associations across the UK, a number that is expected to increase. Universities can help these professional bodies and their members with their Continuing Professional Development requirements by certifying existing University courses, seminars, conferences and events. Universities can then make their course learning available to the wider professional community in bite-size CPD modules. Through their experience and expertise Universities can provide both academic qualifications to their students as well as more vocational and skills-based or ‘practical’ learning using Continuing Professional Development. Everyone must engage in Continuing Professional Development to ensure academic and practical qualifications do not become outdated or obsolete, allowing for continual ‘upskilling’ and ‘re-skilling’ regardless of occupation or educational level.

Continuing Professional Development Examples

Universities can provide CPD to students and professional delegates to further highlight their standing as a knowledge bank in the local education community as well as an investor in people. Providing CPD courses at the University allows individuals to use the learning time towards their CPD requirements, and the internal use of Continuing Professional Development by the University encourages and promotes a healthy learning culture leading to a more fulfilled workforce and retaining valuable staff. Many universities have staff with CPD obligations as members of professional bodies and in circumstances where internal CPD training resources are low, universities sometimes use outsourced CPD training providers to meet staff requirements.

CPD Accreditation can apply to a range of activities:

  • Workshops & CPD seminars
  • Conferences & educational events
  • Existing & new University courses
  • Online Learning & E-learning modules
  • Other structured forms of learning

There is an increasing expectation for professionals to undertake Continuing Professional Development regardless of industry, career level and responsibilities. Providing certified CPD courses, seminars and modules mean the learning activity has reached the required Continuing Professional Development standards and benchmarks. The learning value has been scrutinised to ensure integrity and quality. The CPD Certification Service provides recognised independent CPD accreditation suitable for professional body & association requirements. Additionally, The CPD Certification Service helps universities formalise knowledge into a structured and recognised approach to meet those expectations. This means that your certified University courses are more likely to become accepted and welcomed by your audiences. University CPD courses could help individuals adapt positively to changes in work/industry requirements and be more efficient within the workplace.

Online University Courses

From the perspective of the student and as listed above, online learning is one of the most effective ways of streamlining the development of your learning, helping you to gain the accreditation you require. This applies to both the University and the student. Online University courses give students the opportunity to better manage their time, which increases confidence levels in reaching personal goals whilst studying. When students see the University of their choice has a University certificate and has that accreditation status, it sets a professional standard.

Accrediting your University courses and events

Certifying your courses and events follows a simple process. Universities wishing to embrace CPD, display their commitment through membership of The CPD Certification Service and submit potential CPD courses and conferences for formal and impartial CPD accreditation by our team of experienced CPD Assessors. The CPD Service provides different options to suit your University needs and budget. CPD membership is determined by an initial dialogue resulting in recommendations to get you started.

University CPD providers can utilise key features of membership to support their objectives:

  • Review and advice on University CPD requirements
  • Accreditation of courses & events, from 1 – 250+ activities a year
  • Licence to use CPD Member logo on University marketing materials
  • CPD Certified symbol on approved University CPD courses, seminars, modules
  • Presence in CPD Member Directory for user validation and searching
  • Ability to publicise University events on CPD Event Calendar
  • Administration of delegate CPD certificates post activity

Benefits of CPD for Universities

The CPD Certification Service work with organisations ranging from consultancy firms to training providers, large corporations, conference & events organisers, CPD for universities, further education colleges, local authorities, councils and Government departments. Universities become CPD members in order to meet more of the right target audience, present their knowledge to industry experts, provide structured accredited CPD to delegates, distinguish the University from other market sector competitors, increase local delegate bookings for University events and courses as well as create new business opportunities. Once approved as CPD providers, Universities can then make CPD Certificates of Attendance available to their delegates to attach to their CPD log as evidence of development. Additionally, University certificate accreditation is generally highly respected amongst the education sector and it’s highly advised that more cpd for universities is explored and attained.

For more information on Continuing Professional Development for Universities and becoming a CPD provider please do not hesitate to contact us

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