CPD First Aid Training Courses

CPD First Aid Training Courses

26 Apr 2021

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A great way to upskill yourself in your current role is to undertake a CPD first aid course. Most businesses require someone in the team to have basic first aid training, making it a great skill to put on your CV, as well as to offer a new company if you are looking to apply for a role with them. As a business owner, you may want to enrol your whole team onto various CPD first aid training courses, to not only upskill everyone but ensure that your team has a basic understanding should a situation arise where first aid may be required.

What is first aid?

First aid is described as the immediate emergency care taken to help an injured person. The aim of first aid is to minimise injury and any possible future harm. First aid training is extremely important and in some instances is the key to keeping a person alive. The focus is to preserve life first and foremost, prevent any condition from worsening, and to help promote recovery from the incident.

Which first aid training course should I take?

The first aid course you decide to take depends on several factors; whether it includes the necessary training that your role or employer requires, which stage of training you are currently at, and also whether the course has the information that interests you. There are many different CPD first aid courses for various industry sectors, and so you must research the area you are going into and determine which skills would be most beneficial for that particular position or business.

CPD first aid courses can be provided in a range of different ways, from online to workshop and classroom style training that include practical exercises. There are a range CPD first aid courses available on our CPD Course Catalogue, from First Aid in the Workplace, First Aid Refresher Course, First Aid in Educational Settings, and First Aid for Pets to name a few. They each provide key information helping how to explain how to respond quickly and effectively to incidents as work, understanding the roles and responsibilities of a first aider, workplace scenarios, managing incidents and completing accident report forms.

What can I learn on a CPD first aid training course?

First aid training can help you understand the key basics of CPR, choking, burns, bleeding, drowning, intoxicants, heatstroke, resuscitation, seizures and other types of accidents that may need assistance. First aid courses can cover a full range of topics which can include, first aid basics, infection control, incident management, airways and unconsciousness and the recovery position.

Searching for offline and online CPD first aid courses

If you are searching for either offline or online CPD first aid courses to suit your Continuing Professional Development requirements, we have a range of different courses available from our CPD providers in the CPD Courses Catalogue. Please take a look and get in contact with any of our various providers to find out more.

Overview of CPD first aid training

We hope this brief overview was helpful. If you are a first aid training provider and are interested in becoming CPD certified, please contact our team to discuss your first aid courses in more detail.

CPD News Team

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