CPD - How to get an online course accredited

CPD - How to get an online course accredited

28 Apr 2021

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This article provides a simple overview on how to get an online course accredited for CPD. Many online training organisations from a range of industries use CPD accreditation for their online courses, eLearning and webinars. The CPD Certification Service help CPD providers accredit their online courses so attendees can use the learning towards their annual Continuing Professional Development obligations.

Online courses have become an increasingly popular alternative to traditional training. The improvement of eLearning technology has helped make online learning more effective, especially for those professionals with limited available time.

Simple tips on how to improve your online course

Here are some quick simple tips on how to get an online course accredited for CPD. Firstly, make your online course interactive and engaging. Keep your slides clean and simple, and try not to distract from the value in the content. Make sure the subject matter is clear and break the content down so it is easy to absorb large volumes of information. Structure your online course into modules if it is particularly large. Great eLearning courses make use of audio and visual tools to improve the learning experience. Do not overuse your branding, and keep fonts, colours and layouts consistent. Use case studies and examples where applicable, and incorporate some fun elements, but only if suitable with the content. Lastly, ensure to get feedback so you can review and make improvements to your online courses over time.

The free myCPD Portal record tool can be used by your attendees to track and log their online course training for any ongoing Continuing Professional Development requirements. Set annual CPD targets and store CPD certificates of attendance in one simple place.

You can find more tips on how to improve your online course and the simple steps to creating successful online courses.

How can I get my online course accredited?

Gaining CPD accreditation for online courses is a simple process that helps ensure your training meets the desired requirements to be suitable for Continuing Professional Development. The first phase is to have an informal consultation with our team to find out more about your online course, the subject matter, target audience, learning objectives and outcomes. At this step our team can recommend the most suitable service for you to become an approved CPD provider.

Once approved as an accredited CPD provider, the next step is to submit your online course directly to the Assessments team to start the accreditation process. The training materials required for review typically include login details, as well as any additional slides, handouts and course notes. The CPD Assessments team will evaluate the online course and provide advice to help develop the course where required. This process is to ensure your online courses are educational in content, structured coherently, with clear learning objectives and outcomes.

Online course accreditation

Each online course is benchmarked against a proven assessment criteria that has been developed over the past 25 years. Should any online training not meet the required accreditation standards to be approved, our Assessments team will provide detailed feedback to help make the necessary changes. The accreditation process takes 10-14 working days, depending on the size and duration of the online course.

Once approved, your online course will receive a ‘CPD Certified’ certificate of achievement, demonstrating that the online course meets the required standards, knowledge and guidelines. The ‘CPD Certified’ symbol can then be used on course materials, as well as the delegate certificates of attendance. Your online training can also be listed in the CPD Courses Catalogue and added to your CPD Member Directory page.

Become a CPD accredited online training provider

We hope this short article was helpful. If you would like more information on how to get an online course accredited for CPD, please contact our team who will be able to explain the benefits in more detail.

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