CPD in the Renewable Energy sector

CPD in the Renewable Energy sector

12 May 2021

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This informal article provides a simple overview to CPD in the renewable energy sector, what is renewable energy, the professional bodies and associations within the industry, as well as help to find different CPD courses and training currently available.

What is renewable energy?

Renewable energy comes from natural sources that can be replenished, and is sometimes referred to as clean energy. Renewable energy is increasingly becoming an important power source, and is made easier with the improvement modern technologies which are becoming more efficient and less costly to develop. Types of renewable energy include, solar, wind, tidal, hydroelectric, geothermal and biomass.

Where can I learn about renewable energy?

There is a wide range of place to find renewable energy training, from universities to further education learning centres, energy associations and specialist energy training providers. You can find a selection of different CPD providers and energy CPD courses on the website. Renewable energy training can be diverse, from short CPD courses and eLearning modules, to help provide fresh information on a new subject area, through to full engineering degrees and diplomas.

What types of jobs are in renewable energy?

There is an increasingly wide range of renewable energy jobs and careers available in in the sector, working across energy sources such as biomass, geothermal, solar and wind energy for example. Job roles and careers can include; Wind Energy Engineers, Wind Energy Operations Managers, Wind Energy Project Managers, Wind Turbine Service Technicians, Civil Engineers, Biomass technicians, Geothermal specialists, Hydroelectric plant technicians, Solar energy installation managers, Solar energy systems engineers and Solar Thermal technicians.

Working in Renewable Energy

Professional bodies and associations in the renewable energy sector

There are a number of professional bodies and associations in the energy sector, which includes The Energy Institute and the Renewable Energy Institute as examples. 

The Energy Institute

The Energy Institute is a not-for-profit chartered professional membership body. The Energy Institute looks to respond to climate emergency whilst meeting the energy needs of a growing world population. The Energy Institute is a global, independent network of energy professionals, convening and facilitating debate, championing evidence and sharing fresh ideas. Energy professionals of all ages, genders, backgrounds and disciplines look to us for the knowledge, skills and good practice they need to pursue impactful careers in this vital, fast-evolving field. 

CPD at The Energy Institute

The Energy Institute explains that Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is about maintaining and developing competence and practice to meet professional standards, and stay up to date to meet the working life challenges that come your way. CPD is any activity that helps develop as a professional. CPD is any activity that helps you learn in some way, including training courses, work based learning, reading, research, networking and other learning examples.

CPD Requirements at The Energy Institute

The Energy Institute explains that under the EI Code of Conduct, all professional members are required to maintain knowledge and skills through CPD. Members are to keep a CPD record up to date and if you are asked to submit your CPD, the annual deadline for receipt is 31 May. 

The Renewable Energy Institute

Renewable Energy Institute Membership is a funded Programme, approved by the Renewable Energy Institute to award industry status, reward professional development and to aid career progression. The Programme is based in the UK, with 1000s of members joining from all over the world. Membership awarded to those who demonstrate proficiency by submitting relevant supporting evidence.

CPD at the Renewable Energy Institute

The Renewable Energy Institute is an accredited professional body for education since 1975, working as part of the European Centre of Technology (ECT). The Renewable Energy Institute explains that professionals within the industry must work to keep up to date with new technologies and remain at the forefront of their fields. CPD has been established to help professionals working in these industries fully develop their skills and proficiency. Professionals are encouraged to complete CPD activities in order to progress and achieve Affiliate and Full Membership within the institute, and be awarded ‘Master Status’. 

Find CPD energy training and short courses

We hope this brief article was helpful. If you are looking for renewable energy training, whether online CPD short courses, workshops, seminars, webinars or educational events The CPD Certification Service have a range of energy CPD providers that can be found in the CPD Member Directory and Course Catalogue.

Become a CPD Training Provider

If you offer training courses and events to the energy sector, they may be suitable for Continuing Professional Development. If you would like more information about becoming a CPD provider please feel free to contact our team so we can find out more about your courses and events, and we can provide you with some additional detail. 

CPD News Team

For more information from CPD News Team, please visit their CPD Member Directory page. Alternatively please visit the CPD Industry Hubs for more CPD articles, courses and events relevant to your Continuing Professional Development requirements.

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