CPD – Introduction to cyber security courses

CPD – Introduction to cyber security courses

18 May 2021

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This CPD article provides a simple introduction to cyber security. As the tech world evolves, cyber security is becoming an increasingly important sector, and for some there is no better time to look into a career within this segment of the IT industry.

What is cyber security?

Cyber security protects IT systems from risks of fraud and digital attack. Cyber security aims to protect all different types of IT from computers and mobiles, through to websites, servers and networks, as well as help to stop loss of data, fraud prevention, disruptions, scams and general online harm. 

Is cyber security a good career?

Cyber security can be a high paying career, as there will always be a demand of qualified professionals and highly skilled employees, and can offer good career opportunities with roles available as systems administrators, website security development, software engineer, fraud prevention specialists, security architects, manager, as well as IT directors and security officers. Cyber security professionals can work for a whole range of organisations from large tech giants to Government departments, and small consultancies in many other industries, such as banking, finance, media, retail and engineering.

As well as formal qualifications, completing CPD courses in cyber security is a great way to get started on a new career, or boost your existing knowledge on the subject. You can train in a variety of ways, from attending face to face training courses, online & eLearning modules, webinars, distance learning as well as reading study guides on particular subjects. 

Find out more about how to get into cyber security and start your career.

CPD in Cyber Security

CPD enables professionals to consistently improve upon their workplace skills and knowledge. Cyber security professionals have highly-transferrable skills that many organisations require, creating many exciting career opportunities across the world. As businesses become more digital and dependent on information technology, the need for these types of skills increases.

CPD in Cyber Security

Which type of CPD course is best for cyber security?

The cyber security world continually advances as new risks and concerns require new solutions. Cyber security professionals need a full set of skills, which Continuing Professional Development is able to help them to achieve. From soft skills such as team management, communication skills, and project planning through to more technical knowledge such as computer science, programming, risk management, website development, fraud prevention, systems analysis and software engineering. CPD enables professionals to identify their learning requirements and apply a smart and systematic approach to personal improvement.

Types of cyber security CPD courses

There are a whole range of different types of cyber security CPD courses, from Cyber Security Awareness that can help you understand the potential impact of common cyber threats, how to be safe on the Internet and how to protect yourself and your organisation from cyber-attacks, through to eLearning modules on online crime and protection, password security, safe clicking and firewalls.

CPD accreditation for courses and events

The CPD Certification Service is the largest and leading CPD training accreditation service worldwide, with 25 years’ experience supporting CPD certified training providers across all industry sectors. CPD accreditation can be applied to a range of learning activities, which includes workshops, seminars, conference, events, training courses, online modules and eLearning.

Gaining CPD accreditation for training courses and events is a simple process that helps ensure your training meets the desired requirements to be suitable for Continuing Professional Development. If you offer training in cyber security, or IT fraud prevention and risk, they may be suitable for Continuing Professional Development. To find out more about becoming a CPD provider please contact our team for a friendly, no-obligation discussion about your training and events.

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