Essentials to creating effective online CPD training

Essentials to creating effective online CPD training

18 Feb 2016

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There are some key elements to consider when creating successful online CPD training. We have outlined some fundamentals that will help maximise your delegates learning potential.

Benefits of online CPD training

There are numerous benefits to online CPD training. Many professionals are not able to take significant time off or absence from the office to build upon their personal development. Online CPD training creates many new advantages that were previously not available until the advancement of our technological environment.

Online training is convenient and provides delegates with easy access to knowledge which they can undertake at their own pace. Online CPD can be live or pre-recorded allowing for maximum access opportunity and can be split into bite-sized learning chunks, allowing delegates to choose which subjects to learn and when. Online training is cost effective and affordable as it can be paid for in parts with each module taken. Equally, once you create an online CPD training course it can be automatically delivered time and time again without the need for a trainer on site.

Online CPD is a new way to learn and many people are more comfortable sitting in front of their computer than in a class of strangers. It saves money for delegates on travel and is often extremely quick and easy to access. Online training can be automated, including sign up, tests and obtaining certificates of completion once the delegate has worked through the entire course.

Effective online CPD – Key factors to remember

1. Engaging

Online training should be more than just reading and clicking. Online CPD must be interactive and engaging, as well as challenging and testing for the learner.

2. Clean

Keep your online slides clean and simple. Over the top or overly colourful backgrounds can distract and devalue content.

3. Modularise

Bite-size chunks of data with clear subject matter make it easier to assimilate large volumes of new information. Structure online learning into modules to improve knowledge retention.

4. Stay Current

It is important that your content and e-learning tools do not become dated. Regularly review your materials and keep your technology current with consumer expectation.

5. Audio-Visual

People learn in different ways, visual, audio, kinaesthetic. Truly great online CPD maximises the senses. Make delegates watch, listen and do to enhance the overall learning experience. We encourage CPD providers to have audio scripts available for learners that may have an audio impairment. The best online CPD training is able to cater for all individuals.

6. Branding

Use your branding and logos wisely. Over use can be seen as extraneous and irrelevant, and sometimes misconstrued as a sales tactic. Brand your online CPD at the start and end of your course.

7. Be Consistent

Not just within a course, but across your courses. Fonts, colours, layouts and designs must all be consistent. These standards are important.

8. Case Studies

We say it a lot, but that’s just because it matters. Case studies and real life examples put the learning into context and make outcomes easier to action.

9. Some Fun

Not all learning subjects are fascinating, some are just required. If you can, make the boring information more fun with interactivity or games.

10. Get Feedback

Create a delegate feedback loop at the end of your online CPD. This will help you improve the course over time and identify relevant and detailed areas for refinement and improvement.

We hope this article on the essentials to creating effective online CPD training was helpful. Please go to our CPD Explained page for more information about Continuing Professional Development, or view our range of training courses from different providers in the CPD Courses Catalogue. If you are looking for CPD accreditation for your online training, please contact us.

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