EST HR - CPD Member Case Study

EST HR - CPD Member Case Study

06 Nov 2023


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We have been asking our members from across the industries the reasons why they became a CPD provider. This CPD Member case study was provided by EST HR. For more information, please visit their CPD Member Directory page.

Please provide us with a brief overview of your organisation. What do you do?

Our organisation provides outsourced HR support and project management including a learning and organisational development division that provides training, coaching and consultancy in the areas of strategy, growth and transformational change.

Why did you become a CPD provider?

We wanted to provide a learning and organisational development offering that was pragmatic and practical in approach. After seeking feedback from a range of businesses, we embarked on designing effective learning programmes which aligned to current business needs as opposed to being constricted by indicative content, often set by other providers, however not necessarily connecting with an organisation's vision or objective. The CPD accreditation also allowed us to assess competency and knowledge as an outcome of training via Reflective Learning Journals in place of time and resource consuming reports which are indicative of a more traditional and historic approach.

With CPD's support we have been able to establish a wide ranging training offering from 6 module programmes in HR Essentials and The Competent Manager Programme, with the flexibility to offer clients the opportunity to attend on a singular module basis also. This really breathed life into engaging clients to work with us in an agile and cost effective way. The accreditation has also afforded us the opportunity to offer half day programmes in areas such as Managing Menopause, Managing Remote and Hybrid Working and Equality, Diversity and Inclusion modules which again clients very much appreciate.

With the speed at which CPD work with us, we are able to react quickly to emerging and current needs for employee development whilst also maintaining the accreditation status for each and every individual supported by the CPD Certification Service.

How did you implement CPD accreditation in your organisation?

CPD provided great support in providing us with resources and guidance in how to promote the value of the accreditation. We have adopted an approach of reflecting the benefits of a CPD learning programme in the overviews of our courses and in our training needs analysis with clients. 

How has CPD helped your organisation achieve its learning objectives?

The CPD accreditation has added value to our learning and development offering to clients which has had a positive impact on the credibility of our programmes in a highly competitive and professional environment.  

We hope this brief CPD Member Case Study was both interesting and helpful. Please go to the EST HR CPD Member profile page for more on their available CPD. Alternatively, please visit the CPD Industry Hubs to find courses, events and articles relevant to your Continuing Professional Development requirements.

CPD accreditation for training and events

Established in 1996, The CPD Certification Service is the world's leading and largest Continuing Professional Development accreditation organisation working across all sectors. If you are a training provider or educational events organisers, your learning activities may be suitable for CPD accreditation. Please visit our become a CPD provider page or contact our team to discuss your training and events in more detail.

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For more information from EST HR, please visit their CPD Member Directory page. Alternatively please visit the CPD Industry Hubs for more CPD articles, courses and events relevant to your Continuing Professional Development requirements.

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