KRTS International - CPD Member Case Study

KRTS International - CPD Member Case Study

22 Dec 2023

KRTS International

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We have been asking our members from across the industries the reasons why they became a CPD provider. This CPD Member case study was provided by KRTS International. For more information, please visit their CPD Member Directory page.

Please provide us with a brief overview of your organisation. What do you do?

KRTS International Ltd works at the sharp end of mental health – managing acute situations and traumatic events. In your workplace, you could be routinely faced with violence, aggression, accidents, crime or the escalating challenges of public-facing work. Because of this, you may need to build emotional resilience in yourself, your team or your organisation. We provide a range of digital, blended and face-to-face training courses. These were developed to not only build personal resilience but also to give understanding and tools so that you can help yourself after an incident and / or provide support to colleagues. We work with organisations around the world building in-house response teams, planning for events, drawing up procedures and educating workforces.

Why did you become a CPD provider?

Our courses are built on decades of experience and genuine expertise. However, with a recently heightened awareness of mental health, many “experts” are emerging with cleverly branded “fixes.” We believe in quality and substance and wanted to be able to evidence this to potential clients. Our guiding principle is to demystify, simplify and appropriately educate. From years of clinical work, we understand the adverse impact (on individuals, families, organisations and society) when things aren’t done properly. Having our courses externally accredited was felt to be an important way to reassure people of a quality course that delivered what it promised. 

How did you implement CPD accreditation in your organisation?

CPD accreditation is fundamental to what we do. It allows us to benchmark our training and we use the CPD framework and questions to ensure we create a quality product or service. Each course we develop goes through a rigorous assessment process to ensure that it meets the high standard we set for ourselves. 

How has CPD helped your organisation achieve its learning objectives?

Our learning objectives are to always deliver a consistently high standard of training that has credibility. Getting feedback during the accreditation process has ensured we constantly refine what we are doing and are consistently applying the quality criteria. 

We hope this brief CPD Member Case Study was both interesting and helpful. Please go to the KRTS International CPD Member profile page for more on their available CPD. Alternatively, please visit the CPD Industry Hubs to find courses, events and articles relevant to your Continuing Professional Development requirements.

CPD accreditation for training and events

Established in 1996, The CPD Certification Service is the world's leading and largest Continuing Professional Development accreditation organisation working across all sectors. If you are a training provider or educational events organisers, your learning activities may be suitable for CPD accreditation. Please visit our become a CPD provider page or contact our team to discuss your training and events in more detail.

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KRTS International

KRTS International

For more information from KRTS International, please visit their CPD Member Directory page. Alternatively please visit the CPD Industry Hubs for more CPD articles, courses and events relevant to your Continuing Professional Development requirements.

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