How to search and find online beauty courses

How to search and find online beauty courses

30 Jun 2021

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At The CPD Certification Service, we host a full range of different online workshops and courses on behalf of our CPD providers to support those individuals looking to complete training for their ongoing learning and career development.

CPD online beauty courses

No matter where your passions lie, we have a full range of practical and online-based beauty courses to suit your preferences. Have you recently started up your career in beauty? Or have you always had a passion for beauty for as long as you can remember? Why not take that passion to the next level and look to enrol on an online CPD course to better your skills and gain a CPD certificate to showcase your learning at the end of it.

The term ‘beauty’ encompasses a whole range of different disciplines. Depending on the area you’re interested in, an online course or workshop can help you build the foundations for your new career or interest.

What is a beauty therapy course?

A beauty therapy course is an online resource put together by professionals that can take you through studying beauty disciplines. The specifics of what you learn on the course will depend on the subject that you have decide to learn more about.

If you are looking to gain a general understanding of popular aspects of beauty therapy, a more generic course that covers a range of skills, starting at a beginner level, may be the better option for you. However, you can also delve deeper into a specific aspects of beauty that you may be looking to specialise in, such as anatomy and massage, makeup and nails, or beauty aesthetics, for example.

CPD beauty courses and workshops

Why should I take a beauty course?

Working in the beauty industry can be extremely competitive, and so any further training or knowledge that you can gain in any particular area will be beneficial. Undertaking a beauty course isn’t just for beginners looking to start their career; it is also for those looking to move into a new areas of beauty, or gain a deeper understanding of more general beauty learning, or even perhaps to add another skill to the CV. You may even want to take a beauty course as part of a hobby if beauty therapy is something that you enjoy learning about in your spare time.

How to find CPD beauty courses

If you are looking to search and find relevant face to face or online hair and beauty courses, you can visit the CPD courses catalogue and simply click the link at the bottom of the each course description to enquire. By taking a CPD accredited beauty course, you know the course has been reviewed and assessed to meet the requirements of Continuing Professional Development.

CPD accreditation for beauty courses  

If you are a training provider or academy that currently offers face to face or online beauty courses, your organisation may be suitable to become a CPD accredited training provider. To discuss becoming CPD accredited in more detail please contact our team so we can find out more about your courses.


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