What are CPD Copywriting courses?

What are CPD Copywriting courses?

13 Sep 2022

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Good copywriting will help to convince, inform, and communicate, prompting readers to engage with your product or service and is one of the most important skills that a marketer can have. This CPD article will provide a brief overview of what copywriting is, including the benefits of taking a copywriting course, some key things to consider when choosing the right one for you, and where to find certified courses for CPD.

What is copywriting?

Copywriting is an important part of advertising and marketing. It is the process of writing persuasive materials which will entice individuals to take action. For example, making a purchase on a website, clicking on a link, donating to an organisation etc. There are various ways in order to influence people to purchase a product or service, however, a good copywriter will connect with customers and show them how a product or service can be of value.

Copywriting can be done in many different ways, usually a direct response which is physical such as a leaflet or brochure more commonly used for local businesses. There is also online or conversion copywriting which caters to a wider audience and is likely to be more cost effective than direct response. SEO (search engine optimisation) is a specific type of copywriting that helps businesses to get higher rankings on search engines such as Google or Bing.

What are the benefits of taking a copywriting course?

Businesses need to ensure that their content is created to a high standard, whether that’s within printed advertising or website based content. CPD copywriting courses can be completed by anybody, but may be of particular interest to individuals who are interested in taking their professional skills further or helping their organisation to stand out against competitors. Some benefits of taking a copywriting course may include:

1. Helps to build brand image - The way a business is branded can have a big impact on how successful the organisation is. Business owners will want their brand image to appear professional and of high quality which good copywriter skills can help to achieve.

2. Target the right audience - Copywriters will usually do in depth research into a company and learn about what content should be suitable and most effective for the business. By targeting the right audience, businesses may benefit by gaining more clients and achieving more sales in the future.

3. Helps businesses stand out from competitors - With there being many businesses around, consumers have a lot of choices when it comes to which product or service they are after. A benefit of knowing about copywriting is you can offer consumers a fresh angle of how your business stands out from the rest, without directly influencing individuals to purchase a product or service.

4. Can help an organisation to rank higher on google searches - Search engine rankings and SEO are increasingly important, especially if your organisation is based online. By integrating keywords and phrases into text and landing pages through copywriting, website visitors are more easily able to find what they are searching for, and are therefore more likely to repeat visit your site and engage with your business.

Benefits of copywriting courses for CPD

What should you look for in a good CPD copywriting course?

Copywriting CPD courses can provide you with useful information regarding copywriting. These courses will generally teach individuals about copywriting, how to target specific audiences, how to make your material relevant and persuasive without being too forward, and common mistakes you should avoid when copywriting.

Choosing the right copywriting course that is best for your business or career goals is important. Copywriting courses can range in cost, and the method of learning will differ from course to course. If you are not already familiar with copywriting, it would be advisable to find a beginners course that can teach you basics and build a foundational knowledge.

An additional point to look out for is how long it takes to complete the copywriting CPD course as one may take an afternoon to complete, and another may could take several weeks. Therefore it is important that you choose one suitable for your own availability and that will fit around any existing commitments.

Where to find CPD copyrighting courses?

Within the CPD Courses Catalogue there are a range of certified CPD courses and training to help professionals gain the necessary skills needed in their industry, with many of these suitable for improving copywriting skills. If you would like to find out more about a particular CPD course listed on our website, you can click on each course and there is an enquiry form that will be sent directly to the relevant CPD provider.

We hope this article was helpful. The CPD Certification Service is the world's leading and largest CPD accreditation organisation, with over 25 years’ experience supporting CPD providers across all industry sectors. If you provide training courses, workshops, eLearning and virtual events that may be suitable for Continuing Professional Development, please contact our team to discuss in more detail.

Alternatively if you are looking for a free online CPD record tool to help manage, track and log your ongoing Continuing Professional Development, as well as store your personal training record and CPD attendance certificates in one simple place, please visit the myCPD Portal page.

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