CIS Global LLC

CIS Global LLC

Headquartered in Tucson, Arizona, CIS Global was founded in 1955 as a distributor of industrial products, eventually evolving into a manufacturer of mechanical assemblies. CIS was an early pioneer in establishing overseas manufacturing with its first Asian manufacturing operations launched in Singapore in 1996. Through its long-time relationship with IBM, CIS developed its first server rails for IBM in 1998, eventually followed by other top OEMs such as Dell and HP. In 2001, CIS launched its first basic rack power distribution unit product line through HP. Continuing the expansion of the product portfolio, CIS adapted its IT server rails to meet needs in the consumer appliance segment, leading to a long-term deep relationship with Whirlpool that continues today. In 2015, CIS started designing and manufacturing its first electronics products after the acquisition of Enlogic. With CIS Global’s commitment to continuous improvement, the Enlogic brand has quickly become widely regarded as the technology innovation leader in energy management, helping data centers across the world to improve operational efficiency and optimize energy utilization. Today, CIS Global’s commitment to R&D drives innovations that form the core technology used in both Enlogic-branded as well as customized OEM-branded and private label solutions. With a global design, manufacturing and service footprint, CIS understands what it takes to support the varying needs of its worldwide customers. Our executive team has extensive experience in IT, Aerospace, Automotive, and Industrial segments; positioning CIS to continue its successful tradition of solving customer needs through innovation, speed, and flexibility.

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