Global Success

Global Success

I am proud to say that I am the founder of the Author of The Great Business Jailbreak™ and Founder of The Business & Marketing School™. My events and systems are renown for getting business owners and entrepreneurs FAST RESULTS! Having built, bought and sold multiple businesses myself, I have had some amazing wins and some rather spectacular fails too! I now dedicate my time to serving others to better their lives and businesses by sharing my learnings (or mistakes as some people call it!). I have spoken to and trained thousands of entrepreneurs all over the world, have featured on National TV including Channel 5’s ‘Rich House Poor House’ Documentary and was shortlisted for the well known Television Show "The Apprentice" [Ah well, that's Lord Sugar's loss :-)] Based on 'real life' experiences and not a textbook, my students and clients gain valuable strategies which save them time, money and pain!

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