The Speech Coach Ltd

The Speech Coach Ltd

The Speech Coach provides 1-to-1 coaching in speech, communication and discourse to business executives and professionals. We employ a unique approach and methodology combining clinical speech therapy with the performing arts and NLP, that enables us to produce rapid, tangible results. Our bespoke, practical workshops and programmes focus on a range of speech and communication aspects, We are available in London, UK, nationally and internationally.

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CPD Courses & Workshops

Improved Public Speaking

The Speech Coach Ltd

Improve your public speaking skills, develop fluency, clarity and enhance your manner of speaking an...

Confident Public Speaking: 1 Day Workshop

The Speech Coach Ltd

An introductory workshop that focuses on the development of the core skills & characteristics that u...
Training Course

Confident Public Speaking: Extended Programme

The Speech Coach Ltd

An extended coaching programme that allows for guided practice and coaching in the core skills and c...
Training Course

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