In 2018, Jessica developed and launched the VictimFocus Charter to encourage all professionals to challenge and reduce victim blaming in their practice. She also founded her third and fourth social enterprises: VictimFocus Academy and VictimFocus Resources. VictimFocus Resources went live in April 2018 and VictimFocus Academy will launch in a tour of free conferences in June 2019. Jessica is preparing to submit a PhD in Psychology in which she specialised in the psychology of victim blaming and self blame of women who have been subjected to sexual violence and abuse. Within the PhD, she developed a new psychometric measure of blaming women called the BOWSVA Scale. The BOWSVA scale was designed by Jessica to be able to measure the way the general public and professionals apportion blame to women and girls who have been subjected to sexual violence. She also conducted interviews with women who had been blamed for rapes and sexual assaults before conducting further interviews with professionals working in rape and sexual violence services about how they try to deconstruct victim blaming narratives in their line of work.

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