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Designing & Testing Fitness & Gym Isolated Floating Floors - Good Practices

Webinar • CDM Stravitec

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Following current acoustic standards and using common testing equipment; it is difficult to mimic the effects of noise generated in gym areas; as the structure is not being excited at low enough frequencies. As no two buildings are the same; drop weight and in situ tests are recommended when designing acoustic floating floors for gym areas. There are many different types of noise being generated in these facilities. In many cases gyms are opening in existing buildings; where the extra weight and height of a wet system is not feasible; and a well-designed lightweight acoustic floor solution may be necessary.

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CDM Stravitec

CDM Stravitec

CDM Stravitec

Established in 1951, CDM Stravitec’s reputation is built on a passion for solving noise and vibration problems, a professional approach, technical excellence, customer service, and, most of all, our people. CDM Stravitec is specialized in the design, production and implementation of noise and vibration isolation systems. Our dedicated team of engineers and technical designers are involved in high profile projects all over the world designing the best possible solutions for project specific noise or vibration problems.

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