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This course looks at the benefits of single-handed care and reducing care packages to all stakeholders and considers all types of users whether their needs are simple or complex. It looks at risk control; current legislation; and Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSD) and how using correct techniques and appropriate equipment can help reduce the number of carers needed across a range of everyday moving and handling tasks. There is a particular focus on care at home; turning in bed and sit to stand. The course is theory based with practical demonstrations of techniques and equipment for different tasks.


For more than forty years, Etac has developed products and services that creates possibilities for users and caregivers. Today we can offer a wide range of solutions for mobility with manual wheelchairs, advanced seating solutions, solutions for patient transfer and vital solutions needed for everyday life including classic products for bathing and toilet. We also provide a world-class state of the art range of solutions for pediatric use. All our products are developed in close cooperation with rehab professionals, industrial designers and users.

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