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This course is for coaches and movement enthusiasts who want to take mobility training & coaching to a higher standard. Our structured learning platform outlines scientific principles that backs up methods used in real life to achieve innovative results in healing pain and breaking free from movement restrictions. We cover assessments; programming; the science behind how we adapt & work through examples to help you learn to use this material in practice. We cover our method of ‘mobility training’ in depth in order to help others increase range of motion & control with themselves or their own clients.

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Flow Motion Fitness

Flow Motion Fitness

Flow Motion Fitness

We are a team that are passionate about health and fitness. We promote research in nutrition & focus on injury rehabilitation and technique coaching! We coach you to move better using movement and joint analysis, movement history and progressive programming. We also teach coaches and physios how to use these methods via our online mobility & rehabilitation masterclass course where we cover the science behind our methods, how to use the movement and joint assessments, and how to program appropriately.

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