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This course has been designed to provide marine cargo specialists and operations staff with solid marine knowledge required to understand the role of the marine cargo surveyor and the details of the surveys; inspections; claims and investigations for cargoes and damage to cargoes so they can perform as effective marine cargo surveyors. Anyone who services the global cargo inspection market and feels they would benefit from a more structured knowledge of the elements of commodities trade and inspections will find the course extremely beneficial.

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Lloyd's Maritime Institute

Lloyd's Maritime Institute

Lloyd's Maritime Institute

Lloyd's Maritime Institute is an approved Maritime Training Provider that provides internationally recognized accredited courses and training within Marine Surveying & Consultancy, Cargo surveying, Flag State Inspections & Classification Surveys, Shipping Management..etc. LMI is an Associate Member of INTERCARGO and is recognised by the leading organizations such as IAMSP, IAMCS, IMASA, NAMS Global.

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