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Neurodiversity in the Workplace and the Justice System

Seminar Red in the Spectrum

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This three-hour seminar for chambers staff introduces participants to neurodiversity and working with minds of all kinds. The seminar examines the barriers that workplaces and the justice system put in the way of colleagues; clients and others who are autistic; dyspraxic; dyslexic or dyscalculic; or have ADHD or Tourette syndrome. Through participatory learning; we apply the social model of disability to identify measures to reduce these barriers; and highlight the positive contributions that neuro-minorities make. After this seminar; you will know more about neurodiversity and have ideas (and enthusiasm!) for making your work more neuro-inclusive.

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Red in the Spectrum

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Red in the Spectrum

Red in the Spectrum

Red in the Spectrum’s mission is to make a more inclusive world by empowering organisations to remove barriers and reap the benefits of working with minds of all kinds. Red in the Spectrum is run by neurodivergent people, and provides your organisation with training designed specifically for you. We can follow this up with speakers, materials, advice and entertainers to power your progress towards becoming neuro-inclusive. We take a progressive approach, based on the social model of disability, the neurodiversity paradigm, and the principle of ‘nothing about us with us’.

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