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Introduction to Genset Coolers

Seminar Transtherm Cooling Industries

About the CPD course

An Introduction in Genset Coolers covering the following topics; Common applications; Fit-for-purpose designs; Noise levels; EC vs AC Fans; The important of siting; Construction materials consideration; Understanding cooler liquid pressure drops; Control system. After the seminar; you will have an in-depth understanding of Genset Coolers and confidence when specifying them. 

CPD Provider

Transtherm Cooling Industries

Transtherm Cooling Industries

Transtherm Cooling Industries

Transtherm is a leading designer and manufacturer of adiabatic coolers, air blast coolers, free coolers and pump sets. We focus on manufacturing systems for applications including power generation, data centres, water-cooled chillers, induction heating, air compressors and other renewable energy and process cooling systems.

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