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Concrete Repair Courses

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Concrete Repair CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Fischer Fixings UK Ltd

    Advanced solutions for rainscreen facades with undercut anchor technology

    Fischer Fixings UK Ltd

    This seminar provides an overview of Rainscreen principle; Potential problems with conventional cladding methods; Advanced cladding solutions; Undercut anchors for cladding panels and... Read more

  • Natural Cement Distribution Ltd

    The history & development of natural cement.

    Natural Cement Distribution Ltd

    This seminar covers the history of cements from cave man to modern day and the environmental benefits of using natural cement.

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  • Natural Cement Distribution Ltd

    Natural Cement - the industry's best kept secret

    Natural Cement Distribution Ltd

    This seminar provides a brief history on how natural cement came to be in existence; The unique physical and chemical properties of natural cement; The uses of natural cement and the... Read more

  • Concrete Preservation Technologies

    Stop Corrosion, Extend Asset Life

    Concrete Preservation Technologies

    This one hour seminar explains how to use electrochemical techniques to prevent steel corrosion in reinforced concrete using the latest technology.

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  • Concrete Preservation Technologies

    Identifying and Controlling Corrosion in Masonry Clad Steel Frame Buildings

    Concrete Preservation Technologies

    This seminar explains how to assess and evaluate Steel Corrosion in Steel Frame Buildings (Regent Street Disease) and how to control and prevent further deterioration.

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  • Fischer FZE

    Hangers and support Solutions & Seismic applications

    Fischer FZE

    The presentation looks into the various types of support applications for MEP and the Design code regulations and the types of products involved in variety of application scenarios... Read more

  • Fischer FZE

    Design principles for Anchors

    Fischer FZE

    The presentation will look into the latest design Code regulation for anchors: the dos and don’ts when performing anchor calculations and the dangers of improper anchor installations... Read more

  • Fischer FZE

    Principles on how to stop fires with Passive Protection

    Fischer FZE

    The presentation will look the passive fire protection system and related application on the site and also explain the Latest standards and Code regulations for passive fire stop... Read more

  • Hanson UK

    Fibrecrete – fibre reinforced concrete

    Hanson UK

    The Fibrecrete – fibre reinforced concrete presentation outlines the types of fibres available and the benefits of specifying fibre reinforced concrete in place of traditional steel... Read more

  • Concrete Canvas

    An Introduction To Concrete Canvas

    Concrete Canvas

    This presentation will explain the Concrete Canvas technology and its typical properties, followed by Concrete Canvas case studies of the variety of applications demonstrating how this... Read more

  • Quadriga

    Repurposing Historic Buildings


    The following areas will be covered: Key benefits and challenges relating to the regeneration of historic buildings; Determining whether the structural condition of the building is... Read more

  • Stanton Bonna Concrete

    Offsite Construction

    Stanton Bonna Concrete

    With onsite skills shortages and health and safety issues becoming more challenging; the advantages of offsite production are becoming more attractive to the construction industry. This... Read more

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