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Manufacturing CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Proto Labs

    Design for Mouldability Volume 2

    Proto Labs

    In our second volume on designing parts for mouldability; we dig deeper into some of the more complicated design challenges that product designers and engineers face

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  • Proto Labs

    Industry 4.0 Automated Connectivity

    Proto Labs

    In this seminar we discuss how web-connected manufacturing processes based on advanced automation and robotics; are delivering unparalleled levels of productivity; quality; and... Read more

  • Robert Bosch Limited - Security Systems division

    Video Analytics Explained

    Robert Bosch Limited - Security Systems division

    A PowerPoint based presentation explaining Intelligent Video Analytics – its benefits; capabilities and limits.

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  • Gravitas International

    FlexMSE Vegetated Wall Systems

    Gravitas International

    FlexMSE is a patented building system which allows for flexible; permanent; green solutions for slope stabilisation; erosion control; retention/detention; and waterway installations. Read more

  • Wilson Power Solutions

    Transformer Specifications and their Applications - Your 8 Step Guide to Success

    Wilson Power Solutions

    Transformer specifications are crucial for the timely and cost effective delivery of projects. Alarmingly over three quarters of specifications received by manufacturers lack important... Read more

  • Gravitas International

    Endotherm - Energy Saving Water Treatment Additive

    Gravitas International

    Endotherm is an energy saving water treatment additive designed for any wet CH system. Endotherm increases the efficiency of CH systems; reducing energy bills by up to 15%. It is... Read more

  • Natures Aid

    Nutritional Supplements for the Aging Population and for Children

    Natures Aid

    This presentation will look at the Cardiovascular System; the Immune System and the Inflammatory Response and some of the supplements which can support them. Looking at the research... Read more

  • Raytec

    Specifying Light for Smarter Surveillance


    This training course explains how to specify LED lighting to improve the performance of any video surveillance system at night and deliver more intelligent night-time surveillance.

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  • Wolf Systems

    easi-joist – metalweb joist system

    Wolf Systems

    A guide to the easi-joist metalweb joist system; to give an understanding of the product and highlighting the advantages and benefits of the metalweb joist over other joist systems. Read more

  • Starline Holdings Technology Ltd

    Lunch and Learn: Benefits of Overhead Power

    Starline Holdings Technology Ltd

    Demonstrating the value of overhead power distribution over traditional RPP Cable. Showcasing how using Busbar technology can help to effectively reduce installation times and reduce... Read more

  • A-Safe UK

    PAS 13:2017 Code of Practise for Safety Barriers used in Traffic Management within The Workplace Environment

    A-Safe UK

    An introduction into the newly released standard highlighting best practice in Safety Barrier Design; Types of Barriers; Methods of Impact Testing and Safety Barrier Performance.

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  • Proto Labs

    Designing for the DMLS process

    Proto Labs

    This webinar provides technical insights about how to design parts effectively for manufacture with Direct Metal Laser Sintering – aka DMLS. The topics covered include: what DMLS... Read more

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