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Organisation Description

The IPG supports around 560 members who have a combined turnover of £500m a year and who make enormous contributions to creative excellence and innovation in the UK.

We supply our members with vital information, practical advice and great ideas to help them grow and prosper. We represent their interests in the wider publishing industry. And we provide a friendly community in which independent publishers can share knowledge and experiences.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Financial Management Essentials: Part One

    Online Course | Independent Publishers Guild

    Independent Publishers Guild

    By asking five key questions; the course is designed to help publishers improve their awareness of the financial consequences of the decisions they make every day; whether on the income or expenditure side. These questions tackle the basics of income and expenditure; how to cost a publication; percentages and ratios and how a profit and loss account works. The course will: Give publishers a better knowledge of the principles of publishing finance; Help them to understand how these principles can be applied to their organisations; Improve confidence and understanding of the key performance indicators relating to budgets; forecasts and performance.

  • Publicity essentials

    Online Course | Independent Publishers Guild

    Independent Publishers Guild

    This course takes publishers through some of the basic principles of book publicity. It provides: an introduction to the different types of publicity that are available to publishers; insights into what people working in the media would like from a publisher; practical advice for preparing and delivering press releases; and working with authors to maximise exposure; shares ideas for using social media; events and prizes to build word of mouth about a publishers books; information about publicity in practice; suggests some resources for learning more.

  • The IPG Skills Hub: Print Distribution Essentials

    Online Course | Independent Publishers Guild

    Independent Publishers Guild

    This course is designed to help publishers: Understand the print distribution options available and the range of services on offer; Find the right distributor based on business needs; Make the most of the publisher-distributor relationship.

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