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Organisation Description

Why learn in analogue when you can watch High Definition, broadcast-quality films which feature real people, actual case studies and highly-qualified medical and safety experts? Different to on-line Health and Safety training courses anywhere else, they’re accessible, enjoyable and effective. We also donate a proportion of the course fee to a relevant partner charity because we think it’s right that we all support those who have been adversely affected during their work.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Asbestos Awareness & Asbestos Awareness Refresher

    Online Course | Shout Out Safety

    Online short courses for all employees that need to undertake Asbestos Awareness training if in their work they have the possibility of uncovering; disturbing or coming across Asbestos Containing Materials (ACMs). This applies to any commercial premises built before the year 2000. These regulations can apply to operatives, supervisors & users alike, and from all courses viewed a donation is made to the Mesothelioma Trust – helping those suffering from this affliction.

  • Manual Handling

    Online Course | Shout Out Safety

    Manual Handling – to comply with Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992. This can be defined as transporting or supporting of a load; including the lifting; putting down; pushing; pulling or carrying by hand or bodily force. The load can be an object; person or animal.

  • Working at Height Awareness

    Online Course | Shout Out Safety

    To comply with Working at Height Regulations 2005. These regulations apply to operatives and supervisors alike; and this course is suitable for all workplaces where working at height is part of everyday duties.

  • Essential COSHH Awareness

    Online Course | Shout Out Safety

    To comply with COSHH regulations 2002. Managers and staff need to be aware of the risks and procedures regarding the regulation. It covers: What are hazardous substances; How these can cause harm; How can you risk the risk of harm occurring.

  • Food Hygiene Level 2

    Online Course | Shout Out Safety

    All persons working and preparing food in a commercial environment need this training to prevent food poisoning occurring or being passed on.

  • Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Awareness

    Online Course | Shout Out Safety

    Workers may experience fatigue; eye strain; upper limb problems and backache from going about their routine day to day jobs. The Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regs 1992 describes how to comply and avoid the risks & issues surrounding this commonly overlooked subject. Problems can also be experienced from poorly designed workstations or work environments. The causes may not always be obvious and can be due to a combination of factors and are explained within this humorous & informative interactive film.