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Stellar Estate Planning Virtual Summit

21 Oct 2021

About the event

Aimed at financial advisers and private client professionals; the Stellar Estate Planning Virtual Summit will bring together leading experts to discuss Money; Mortality and the Modern Family. This one-day event aims to change perceptions of intergenerational estate planning; focus on sustainability; and highlight the opportunities that lie ahead. Presented through a series of Masterclasses; keynotes and panel discussions; delegates will learn more about the dynamics of the inheritance economy and how they can harness the potential of intergenerational estate planning and Business Relief to support their clients.

CPD Provider

Stellar Asset Management

Stellar Asset Management

Stellar Asset Management

We are an award-winning Inheritance Tax service provider. Our services seek to provide relief from inheritance tax after two years whilst allowing investors to maintain control over their capital. Wealth preservation is at the forefront of our investment philosophy. We specialise in services that provide diversification and create a robust legacy for future generations.