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Know Thyself - The Benefits of Self-Knowledge

This informal CPD article on Know Thyself – The Benefits of Self-Knowledge was provided by Liesl Coetzer at Alison, a free online education platform that mostly focuses on workplace-based skills.

In today’s information age, it is astonishing how little job seekers genuinely know about their interests, strengths and weaknesses.

Those entering the job market or looking to change careers struggle to answer questions like: “Am I suited to the career I am currently in?”, “Which job might I excel in?” or “What are my natural strengths?” A personality assessment can help people answer these questions to make deciding on the right career path easier.

An understanding of oneself

It is a personal belief of mine that everyone is entitled to in-depth self-knowledge. An understanding of oneself gives a deeper insight into a person’s natural strong points and developmental areas. The results of psychometric tests provide people with self-knowledge, which creates self-awareness, identifies areas to develop and highlights valuable strengths.

Traditionally, personality tests are expensive and not readily available in the informal sector. Online platforms offer free personality testing, the results of which provide many benefits that workers and first-time applicants can harness to excel in their professional and personal lives. Personality assessments determine a person’s personality profile. Access to this in-depth self-knowledge empowers people to make smarter, more informed career decisions. These tests help people identify what suitable career options – and more importantly – jobs that might not be the right fit.

Know your strengths and weaknesses

The results of a typical personality test list a person’s strengths and weaknesses. While the benefit of the former is obvious, highlighting potential problem areas improves efficiency at work and leads to higher job satisfaction. If a person knows which areas they are less likely to excel in at work, they can focus on improving those skills or sharpen the skillset that comes naturally to them. Excelling at one’s job and continuous self-development also leads to increased on-the-job happiness.

Gaining self-knowledge at a young age is key to making a more informed decision when deciding on a suitable academic pathway. High school graduates looking to enrol at college or university could save time and money potentially wasted on expensive, non-suitable degrees. For people who do not have access to formal education, free psychometric testing gives them the ability to demonstrate what they are capable of in a professional capacity. These tests can determine learning capabilities, motivation levels and potential motivators, as well as give employers a good sense as to whether someone will make a beneficial addition to their business or not.

Workforce Personality Assessments

In the case of a Workforce Personality Assessment, everyone who takes the test receives a report to consider with feedback on their learning styles, what drives them, their people skills, their work styles, and recommend learning paths. Psychometric testing provides a more in-depth insight into which career a person will naturally excel in making the decision of selecting a suitable degree or career much easier.

Know thyself

Personality tests have immense potential to benefit people in a professional capacity, but it is also meaningful on a personal level. Knowing and understanding more about oneself, identifying areas to develop and playing to their strengths, allows people to become more self-aware and confident. It’s no coincidence that one of the Sun Tsu’s, the famed Chinese military genius, most important rules of war was – of all actions one might take to prepare for war, first; “Know thyself”.

The time for this type of self-knowledge is well overdue. People that take up the opportunity of free psychometric testing will get a headstart in what is becoming an increasingly competitive job market.

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