CPD tips - How to prepare yourself for those first few weeks in a new job

CPD tips - How to prepare yourself for those first few weeks in a new job

02 May 2022

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If there’s one thing that throws us out of our comfort zone every single time, it’s those first few weeks in a new job. They feel awkward, and you feel extra pressure to be on top form every day.

As humans, we like to be in control and understand what will happen next. In those first few weeks, everything is new; the processes, the people, the friendship groups, the systems or software used, even down to the coffee machine. Do they even have a coffee machine, or are they all tea drinkers? These are questions you’re attempting to figure out, all in one go, whilst trying to maintain a relaxed, ‘I know what I’m doing’ get up.

But, don’t worry. Everyone does the same thing, and these feelings are entirely natural.

How to prepare yourself for a new job

We’ve got a few hints and tips which can help you settle in quicker and make the transition from one job to another or from studies to a job a little smoother.

Familiarise yourself with the location

One of the worries about starting a new job is the office's new location. What’s your commute like? What’s in the area? What’s the local coffee shop like (always an important consideration)?

It may be that you’re moving just around the corner, so those worries are non-existent, but if you’re in a new area or even a completely new city, we recommend doing a couple of dry runs. Rather than leave the commute to your first day, do a couple of practices first!

Before you start, familiarise yourself with your daily commute and the places around the office. That way, If someone shouts up, ‘I’m heading to this coffee shop today’, you know exactly where that is and already know some of the ‘office lingo’. There are bound to be places where your new colleagues head regularly, don’t be afraid to use this as a conversation starter and find out where the local hotspots are!

Socialise as much as possible

There’s so much going on when you start a new job that it can be easy to bury your head in the sand and forget to come up for air, but have a chat with everyone around you and get to know your new colleagues.

Try and keep as many evenings and lunchtimes as free as possible when you start. That way, if anyone shouts up about a potential social event, you’re free to go. Let’s not forget, you’re going to be working amongst these people every day, so it’s important that you get to know them and build relationships - it’ll make your transition a lot easier, and you’ll feel more comfortable quicker.

Watch and learn

Often, in those first few weeks, you’re given a bunch of material to read, and sessions have been booked in with multiple people to chat through an induction. This is all important stuff, but it doesn’t tell you what work is like daily.

If you watch/shadow your colleagues in the office (with their permission, of course), you’ll get a feel for how things run day-to-day, pick up on the lingo and recognise any little coffee breaks/opportunities for a chat. Seeing things run as naturally as possible will fast track your transition into the business, and you’ll get to know what life is like at your new job.

Remember, everyone goes through that new ‘awkward’ first few week’s stage. We all have to get to where we are now, so don’t dwell on it or dread it. Enjoy an exciting change in your life and an opportunity to get to know new people! It’s a free pass to learn, chat, and explore many new coffee shops - winner!

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