How do I obtain a CPD Certificate of Attendance?

How do I obtain a CPD Certificate of Attendance?

22 Apr 2021

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This article provides a simple overview as to what is a CPD certificate and how to obtain a CPD certificate of attendance once you have completed a training course, or attended an educational conference or event.

What is a CPD Certificate?

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is widely recognised as an essential enhancement of professional skills and standards of individuals and their associated industries. When a professional has completed either a training courses, webinar, educational event or other formal of learning, a CPD certificate of attendance provides confirmation that the training has been completed by an individual as part of their Continuing Professional Development requirements at their professional body or association.

A CPD certificate is typically obtained from Structured CPD, which is considered formal learning and includes training courses, workshops, seminars educational events and online eLearning programs that have been CPD accredited to conform to industry guidelines and standards. A CPD certificate is important as it helps a professional body ensure that an individual has completed an appropriate level of further learning, and they are improving their capabilities in a structured, practical and relevant way for their role and industry.

How do I obtain a CPD Certificate of Attendance?

Once a training course or event has been completed, the CPD provider will provide the attendees with a CPD Certificate of attendance. The certificate should display the name of the attendee, title of the training completed, name of the CPD provider organisation, date, and the number of CPD hours as to how long the activity has taken to complete. The individual would then add their CPD Certificate of attendance to their personal record to show the further learning they have achieved for that year.

Recording your CPD Certificates of Attendance

An individual keeps a track of their annual Continuing Professional Development activities on a CPD record form and must ensure it is up to date, accurate, and meets the requirements of their professional body or association. The CPD record helps assess the learning outcomes and objectives of the training, and how the new knowledge can be applied. Accredited CPD Providers are able to provide guidance to individuals as to how many CPD hours or points are achieved from completing a particular training course or event.

The allocation of CPD hours is the responsibility of each individual. The majority of professional bodies allow individuals to choose further learning relevant to them as individuals, but a small minority also require their members to complete training on a selection of core subjects that may be particularly related to that industry. Keeping an accurate CPD record helps manage personal progress over a period of time, and is also important as it will often need to be submitted as evidence of annual Continuing Professional Development to professional bodies, or employers if required.

Some organisations have created online CPD recording tools to help individuals manage their CPD records and progress, which may provide simple examples of the different types of CPD that could be suitable. For example, the myCPD Portal is a free record tool that can be used to log and record ongoing Continuing Professional Development training in one simple place. Using the myCPD Portal can make it easier to manage any CPD requirements effectively, store CPD attendance certificates, set annual CPD targets and keep track of learning progress throughout the year.

Search for CPD Courses and Events

If you an individual looking to complete CPD courses and events relevant for your individual Continuing Professional Development requirements, please visit our CPD Courses Catalogue, or alternatively see a full range of CPD providers who are experts in their particular fields from across the industries.

How to provide CPD Certificates for your training and events

If you are a training provider or events organisers and you are looking into the idea of providing CPD certificates for your delegates and attendees, please contact our team to discuss becoming an accredited CPD provider. Gaining CPD accreditation for training courses and events helps organisations formalise their knowledge into a recognised approach to learning.

Your training and events can be assessed and CPD certified against a universally accepted structured checklist which The CPD Certification Service has developed over the past 25 years, and ensures full conformity to CPD guidelines. Please contact our team to discuss in more detail.

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