How to find the best online Google Ads courses

How to find the best online Google Ads courses

11 Nov 2021

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As highlighted by the lasting effect that the last eighteen months has had on the high street, digital and online advertising has proved to be an increasingly important way to get your business in front of potential consumers. More and more people have turned to online advertising. This article provides a brief overview of Google Advertising, the benefits associated with it and how to find the best online Google Ads courses.

What is Google Advertising?

Google Advertising is arguably the most established self-service digital online advertising platform around (rivalling Facebook Advertising for that crown), having now been available for more than twenty years. In terms of what it offers, the clue is in the title - the platform allows you to advertise on Google and its associated platforms. 

Over time, the platform has had to adapt based on changing user habits - more people than ever are accessing the Internet on the move and consuming the Internet in increasingly varied ways. This has led to more and more services being offered through the platform.

How can I advertise on Google Ads?

Broadly speaking, Google Advertising is split into three key categories:

Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

These are the Google ads you traditionally see either at the top or the right-hand side of your Google search results. As text ads, these will display your ad when users search for particular keywords that you have specified.

Display Advertising

These ads are more visually appealing and are displayed on websites that allow advertising. Often referred to as banner advertising (despite being much more than that), these can either be animated to include multiple different messages or left as one image.

Shopping Ads

If you sell products online, this is the one for you. This allows you to showcase your products to people who search for a particular phrase above the regular search results. 

Google Ads use an auction system that happens each and every time a keyword is searched. You are constantly competing against other advertisers, so it is important you understand the best practice to make sure you win those auctions and earn those placements.

Find the best online Google Ads courses

How to find the best online Google Ads courses

Whether you are looking at getting into the digital marketing profession or simply wanting to add a new string to your skills and business bow, Google Ads may be a great route for you. Here at The CPD Certification Service, we have over 25 years' experience providing Continuing Professional Development accreditation for training courses and online eLearning providers.

Some of our training providers offer a range of different courses relating to Google products. Please click here to find some simple examples. Some of these courses will give you a firm grounding in Google Advertising, including a run-through of how the ads work, best practices for maximum effectiveness and how to set up your first campaign.

We hope this brief introduction article to Google Ads and its advertising benefits was helpful. For more information about Continuing Professional Development go to our CPD Explained page. If you are a training provider looking for CPD accreditation please contact our team to discuss in more detail.

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