Online Courses to Refresh Your Skills Post-Lockdown

Online Courses to Refresh Your Skills Post-Lockdown

07 Apr 2021

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Unfortunately, during recent restrictions many of us were unable to return to work in multiple sectors due to many businesses being forced to close. In recent months, we are now starting to see a return to work and perhaps we can see some light at the end of the tunnel. If you are feeling a little out of practice, or you are now feeling inspired to continue learning in your line of work, enrolling on an online course can provide you with some necessary skills and knowledge to continue learning and developing. 

Find Online Courses to Refresh Your Skills Post-Lockdown

At The CPD Certification Service, we offer recognised independent CPD accreditation. We host an array of online courses and workshops, from different course providers, whose learning activities have been certified for Continuing Professional Development (CPD). By enrolling on a CPD course, you can either continue your professional development in your current area of work or delve into a new area to gain new skills and knowledge in a field that interests you.

Whether you are wanting to continue learning in the industry you are currently in, or you want to put some new skills on your CV, we have got plenty of courses for you to choose from. Have a look through the list below as an example, or have a search through the CPD website, filtering by industry.

Property Development Courses

Property development is an industry that requires you to use a combination of your property knowledge, an entrepreneurial mindset and strategic abilities to achieve success. If you are entirely new to property development, or for those seeking to build their own property portfolio, enrolling in property development courses to upskill their Continuing Professional Development can be invaluable for both novices and seasoned professionals alike to put their knowledge to the test before diving head first into the industry.

IT and Software Courses

The IT sector contains a vast range of varying skillsets and expertise. IT specialisms include information systems, databases and data management, cyber security, risk management, data analytics, computer games development, hardware, network administration, IT consultancy, software engineering, technical support, web design, app development and search engine optimisation. Find IT courses to suit your Continuing Professional Development requirements.

Business and Marketing Courses

CPD in the business sector embodies a wide range of formal & informal training, comprising a whole assortment of business skill areas including; sales & marketing, communications, strategy & planning, customer service, public speaking, negotiation skills, leadership, time & project management, as well as many others. Considering dipping a toe into the world of marketing? Find the latest CPD marketing courses and open you up to a world of marketing careers.

Diet and Nutrition Courses

With more time at home over the last year, a lot of people have had more time to focus on meals and the nutritional makeup of our food. If you would like to take your learning one step further, why not find a diet and nutrition course to help improve your understanding food groups, healthy eating, obesity and nutritional behavioural change.

Retail Courses

As one of the largest employing industries and with a huge consumer focus, the implementation of Continuing Professional Development in the retail sector is vital to ensure industry standards continue to improve to compete in an ever-growing globalised competitive market. Retail online courses can include advertising, people management, customer services, market trend analysis and reporting, store design & layout, merchandising and supply chain management.

Agriculture & Veterinary Courses

Whilst CPD has always been extremely prevalent in the veterinary field, CPD is now becoming increasingly widespread across all areas of the agriculture sector. You can now start to find agriculture courses in the arable, pig, poultry and dairy sectors which have been set up to promote and develop professional standards in the farming sector, and encourage the uptake of Continuing Professional Development.

Find online courses for your Continuing Professional Development

We hope this article was helpful. For more online courses that may be suitable for your Continuing Professional Development, or you are looking to try a new career in change into a different industry, please visit our CPD Course Catalogue. If you are a training provider and are looking for CPD accreditation for your training courses and events please contact us today.

CPD News Team

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