QIN Platform - CPD Member Case Study

QIN Platform - CPD Member Case Study

28 Jun 2024

QIN Platform

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We have been asking our members from across the industries the reasons why they became a CPD provider. This CPD Member case study was provided by QIN Platform. For more information, please visit their CPD Member Directory page.

Please provide us with a brief overview of your organisation. What do you do?

QIN Platform is an educational online platform founded by experienced education, health and environmental experts having more than 20 years of experience, and focusing on integrating Arts, Technology, STEM, Health Education, and Sustainability to prepare students for the Artificial Intelligence Quantum (AQ) Era. It aims to make high-quality education universally accessible through innovative, integrative approaches that foster essential 21st-century skills. QIN Platform empowers educators by offering accredited Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programs that enhance their proficiency in Arts Integration, School Health Education, and Environmental and Sustainability Education, ultimately creating dynamic and impactful learning environments. 

Why did you become a CPD provider?

QIN Platform became a CPD provider to empower educators with the skills and knowledge necessary to create innovative and impactful learning environments. Our CPD programs are evidence-based and grounded in the latest research, ensuring that educators stay current with educational trends and best practices. By offering accredited CPD programs, QIN Platform enhances educators' proficiency in integrative education approaches, including Arts and tech Integration, School Health Education, and Environmental and Sustainability Education. This commitment to professional growth helps educators provide high-quality, engaging education, ultimately equipping students with essential 21st-century skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and collaboration. 

How did you implement CPD accreditation in your organisation?

To implement CPD accreditation in our organization, we applied for membership with The CPD Certification Service in the UK. We meticulously followed their rigorous accreditation process to ensure our courses met the highest standards of value and structure. Our main courses were then reviewed and accredited by CPD UK. This accreditation ensures that our programs provide valuable professional development opportunities for educators, enhancing their skills and knowledge to create dynamic and effective learning environments.

How has CPD helped your organisation achieve its learning objectives?

CPD accreditation has been instrumental in helping our organization achieve its learning objectives in several ways. Firstly, it has validated the quality and relevance of our educational programs, enhancing our credibility and reputation within the educational community. This has facilitated greater trust and confidence among educators, leading to increased participation in our CPD courses. Additionally, CPD accreditation ensures that our courses adhere to best practices and the latest research in education, enabling us to deliver high-quality professional development that meets the evolving needs of educators. Furthermore, by continuously publishing articles on the CPD website, highlighting the latest subjects related to our field, we can effectively support educators in enhancing their skills and knowledge. This also allows us to update our courses with practical tips and the latest research findings, ensuring they remain current and impactful.

We hope this brief CPD Member Case Study was both interesting and helpful. Please go to the QIN Platform CPD Member profile page for more on their available CPD. Alternatively, please visit the CPD Industry Hubs to find courses, events and articles relevant to your Continuing Professional Development requirements.

CPD accreditation for training and events

Established in 1996, The CPD Certification Service is the world's leading and largest Continuing Professional Development accreditation organisation working across all sectors. If you are a training provider or educational events organisers, your learning activities may be suitable for CPD accreditation. Please visit our become a CPD provider page or contact our team to discuss your training and events in more detail.

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QIN Platform

QIN Platform

For more information from QIN Platform, please visit their CPD Member Directory page. Alternatively please visit the CPD Industry Hubs for more CPD articles, courses and events relevant to your Continuing Professional Development requirements.

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