What is Churn Prediction and why it is vital for any Business?

What is Churn Prediction and why it is vital for any Business?

29 Aug 2022

This informal CPD article What is Churn Prediction and why it is vital for any Business was provided by The Tesseract Academy, offering consultancy services to help your company become data driven, whether you are an entrepreneur, a start-up or a corporate.

The process of determining which consumers are likely to stop using a service or to terminate their membership to a service is known as churn prediction. It is a crucial forecast for many companies since the cost of recruiting new customers is sometimes higher than the expense of keeping the ones they already have. Once you have determined which consumers are at danger of cancelling their subscriptions, you should be able to determine the precise marketing activity to execute for each individual client in order to maximize the likelihood that the customer will continue their subscription.

As a result of the varied behaviors and preferences that they display, consumers have a variety of reasons for terminating their memberships. Therefore, it is essential to engage in proactive communication with each of them in order to keep them on your client list. You need to know which marketing activity will be most successful for each and every consumer, as well as when that marketing action will be most beneficial for those customers.

Why Churn Prediction is Important?

The loss of customers is an issue that affects firms in a wide variety of industries. If you want your business to expand, you will need to put money into finding and retaining new customers. Every time a customer decides to stop doing business with you, you lose a big investment. It will need a significant investment of both time and effort to replace them. A company may realize significant cost savings if its employees are able to accurately forecast the dates on which customers are most likely to stop purchasing from them and provide them with incentives to continue doing so.

Data Science and AI

Data science and AI are used in churn prediction to analyze data on every customer's usage of the service and find patterns that would predict when an individual might leave. There are many different ways to implement this prediction, but the most common one is using machine learning algorithms that learn from historical data and make predictions based on those models.

The use of data science and AI to predict customer churn has many benefits for businesses. It can help them take actions before customers leave, which can result in a lower cost per acquisition (CPA). This process has been shown to be more accurate than traditional approaches such as cross-referencing credit card transactions with customers' last contact with the company.

Reasons Businesses Lose Customers

1. Alterations in the circumstances of the consumer

It's possible that a client may realize they've received all they needed out of your product and will no longer need the services you provide. That is fantastic in terms of what it says about the level of service you provide, but it is not so fantastic in terms of what it does to your MRR in a practical sense. A recurring churn rate of this kind may be an indication that your product set is lacking in breadth. 

It is possible that control of an account will be transferred to a new account manager, who may choose to work with a different piece of software with which they are more comfortable; alternatively, a renewal might be overlooked in the process of handing over the account. Although this might be a challenging issue to handle, it is one that can be improved upon with devoted communication.

 2. The situation with regard to the rivalry

It's possible that a company or client may decide that another software meets their needs more adequately and switch to using it. This kind of customer turnover is especially harmful since it allows your competitors to acquire market share at your expense. This sort of customer turnover may be related to product performance and price just as much as it can relate to enhancing customer service and experience, which is especially important if a rival has started to undercut you on rates.

3. Adaptations to the capabilities and features of the product

Customers may regard your product to be less useful than it was in the past if you have altered a feature, deleted a function, or released an update that is not well received. Not just in terms of how you promote your product in the market, but also in terms of how you create it, it is extremely vital to be attentive to the demands of your consumers. You may learn what your consumers really find helpful by analyzing the data from their usage of your product or service, or you can just contact them and ask them directly. You do so at your own risk; ignoring this information might result in an unpleasant surprise churn caused by an enthusiastic upgrade that includes a complete roster of new updates.

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