Why might you want to undertake an online CPD childcare course?

Why might you want to undertake an online CPD childcare course?

06 May 2022

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Childcare is defined as the supervision of a child or multiple children. There are various professions that involve child care, and it quite often play a big part in a child’s development and have an impact on future successes of the children. This informal CPD article provides a simple overview to what careers childcare courses can lead to, and what an online CPD childcare courses can offer for learners.

Why might you want to undertake a childcare course?

There are many different reasons why an individual may want undertake a childcare course. For instance, it is a great way to gain new perspectives on certain situations that someone may not have encountered before.

Childcare CPD courses interest many people because of the nature of the career can be extremely rewarding. You will be an important part of a child’s life, especially if you are working in an early years or nursery setting. During this age, a child’s development stage is extremely important, and seeing them flourish under your care can be an incredibly rewarding experience.

Another reason that childcare can become an interesting career choice is due to the diverse array of career opportunities available within the industry. The industry allows for many to work towards specialist areas, or even running potentially their own successful childcare business, for example.

Benefits of a career in childcare

Who is a CPD childcare course relevant for?

A childcare course can be relevant for anyone who is either looking at starting their career in the childcare industry, or an existing professional who wants to keep up to date with new information within the sector. Taking CPD courses can help to teach important information, such as the aspects of child development and legislation surrounding the field.

Not only are CPD childcare courses specific to individuals working in a nursery or school setting, but they can also benefit social workers, child psychologists and even parents too. This is due to the variety of different learning that is available, which can range from a basic level of childcare, down to training in handling loss and bereavement and child abuse.

What career can an online CPD childcare course lead to?

As the industry is so large, online CPD childcare courses can lead to different career opportunities, depending on what is best suited to the individual. A few examples where an online childcare course can lead to:

  • Day care Assistant - A day assistant/teacher are there to provide care to young children whilst their parents are at work.
  • Nanny - Nannies are childcare professionals who typically care for one family’s children at a time. The role of a nanny does differ from day care assistants as it is a more involved role, typically more of a personal level of care.
  • Paediatric Nurse - A paediatric nurse can benefit from completing an online childcare course because as a nurse, and in any form of childcare, parents need to have the trust that their children will be looked after and assisted in the most appropriate way.
  • Social Working - Social workers can be a big part of a child’s life, and in some instances must be able to spot if there is an issue, how to tackle it and what to do moving forward. Not every scenario is the same, so taking up a childcare course can give somebody working in a social care more of an understanding in what to look for.
  • Counselling - Counsellors, especially who work in schools are there to help children with any issues they may want to speak about, whether that be to do with mental health, academic issues, bullying or other complex situations.
Where to find CPD childcare courses

What courses do CPD offer for online childcare?

Available in the CPD Course Catalogue are thousands of learning activities on different subjects, which include childcare courses from the basics through to advanced levels. It is important to think about what level of experience and skills you are looking to gain from a course and how best it will help you moving forward with your career in the industry.

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