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Online Course Childminding UK (CUK)

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A sound knowledge and understanding of how children develop and learn helps with effective planning for individual children. It aids understanding of children’s behaviour and helps identify when a child is not developing as they should. Firstly; this course looks at Child Development for children aged up to 8 years; including how developmental norms link to the EYFS. Then it explores equality; diversity and inclusion; explaining common terms and giving some ideas of providing a positive inclusive environment for all children. Lastly this course will cover play; which is the cornerstone for children's learning.

CPD Provider

Childminding UK (CUK)

Childminding UK (CUK)

Childminding UK (CUK)

Our mission is to improve, support and develop the well being and education of children and their families by encouraging and supporting childminders to continually improve the service they offer.

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