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Understanding and Working with the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

Online Course Childminding UK (CUK)

About the CPD course

This course has been produced particularly for Registered Childminders who use the (EYFS). To fully meet the requirements of the (EYFS) it is important to be familiar with it and understand what is expected. This step by step guide explains what is needed at each step. This course is particularly useful for pre-registration and new childminders but also useful for those who would like the EYFS requirements explaining in more detail as it gives top tips and explains what Ofsted are looking for. Please note that this course is NOT sufficient on its own to cover introductory training requirements.

CPD Provider

Childminding UK (CUK)

Childminding UK (CUK)

Childminding UK (CUK)

Our mission is to improve, support and develop the well being and education of children and their families by encouraging and supporting childminders to continually improve the service they offer.

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