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Leading and Managing a Childminding Setting

Online Course Childminding UK (CUK)

About the CPD course

This course will help learners to open and run a successful childminding business. It will help them to market their business to help ensure sustainability and to comply with legislation around self-employment. The course covers information about: Marketing (direct and indirect); Building a portfolio of information for parents; Making childminding work - considering own family; The importance of building effective relationships with parents; Managing that first meeting with parents; Settling new children into a childminding setting; Establishing routines; Income Tax and National Insurance requirements and Providing funded childcare places

CPD Provider

Childminding UK (CUK)

Childminding UK (CUK)

Childminding UK (CUK)

Our mission is to improve, support and develop the well being and education of children and their families by encouraging and supporting childminders to continually improve the service they offer.

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