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Risk Screening and Conversation Management Techniques

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This course includes the methodology behind effective conversation management; intelligent questioning; listening techniques and robust risk assessment when identifying truthful and deceptive statements. It incorporates eLearning; group discussions; worksheets and assessments; case studies and practical exercises in developing knowledge; skills; techniques and confidence in a safe and controlled environment. Training is further supported by a comprehensive mentoring suite whereby we provide a development mechanism when moving from the ‘virtual classroom’ into the ‘live environment’. Specific modules can be selected to create a bespoke course as required.

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Digilog UK

Digilog UK

Digilog UK

Digilog UK Ltd innovative and market leading technology is used globally by businesses to identify and validate risk within telephone and video based conversations. Such as, Customer Disputed Transactions, Financial or Employment Applications, Claims, Financial Collections/Recoveries and Absence Management. Our technology is used within many sectors from Insurance, Banking & Finance, Recruitment to Sports & Entertainment.

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