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Business Coaching CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Excel with Business

    Developing As A Leader & Manager

    Excel with Business

    What it means to be a good leader; How to communicate work related information; How to manage the conflict; The insights of business strategies; How to manage change; How to foster... Read more

  • Relias Learning Ltd

    Fall Management

    Relias Learning Ltd

    As children; we thought nothing of falling and grazing our knees but it’s a different matter as you get older. Falls cause significant problems for older people; carers and health and... Read more

  • Skills Team Training Services

    General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

    Skills Team Training Services

    All businesses that handle personal data must ensure that they are aware of the new rules and must comply with the law. Our eLearning course is focused on educating your staff members... Read more

  • Relias Learning Ltd


    Relias Learning Ltd

    Schizophrenia is a severe and persistent mental disorder and people who are diagnosed with schizophrenia can often be misunderstood by others. As all healthcare workers may have... Read more

  • Relias Learning Ltd

    Oral Health Care

    Relias Learning Ltd

    Problems with the mouth and teeth can quickly become problems with eating; drinking; speaking and self-esteem; so it’s essential to address oral hygiene. This Oral Healthcare course... Read more

  • Ideal Schools

    Certificate in Preparing & Submitting Final Accounts for Micro Entities under FRS105

    Ideal Schools

    This course provides a comprehensive insight in the preparation and submission of final accounts for micro entities using the reporting standard FRS105. It covers in detail elements of... Read more

  • Ideal Schools

    Certification in Costing and Budgeting

    Ideal Schools

    Certificate in Costing & Budgeting Providing an understanding of a business’ planning budgeting and control processes and helping with the decision making within a business... Read more

  • Next Level S.R.O.

    PharmAccess Leaders Forum

    Next Level S.R.O.

    This meeting provides an ideal opportunity for “payers” and other decision makers from both public and private organisations; to benchmark with peers internationally and provide... Read more

  • Next Level S.R.O.

    Pharma & MedTech Nordic Market Access Leaders Forum

    Next Level S.R.O.

    This event will discuss the payer and HTA agencies’ challenges in budget management and cost-containment; compared to their enthusiasm to reimburse expensive treatments and... Read more

  • TAFE Arabia Technical and Further Education

    Rigging and Slinging Course

    TAFE Arabia Technical and Further Education

    TAFE’s rigging and slinging course can make both trainees and experienced personnel competent in lifting; rigging and material handling techniques. The main purpose of this course is... Read more

  • MG Sales Performance

    Hotel and Venue Meetings and Events Sales Training

    MG Sales Performance

    Modular online course with videos; workbooks and quizzes for all hotel and venue meetings; conference and event teams. Topics include digital and voice enquiries; showrounds; follow up... Read more

  • European Energy Centre

    Master in Renewable Energy Award

    European Energy Centre

    To achieve the Master in Renewable Energy Award; candidates must study 12 online Renewable Energy modules over an 18-month period. To reward continuous learning in the Renewable Energy... Read more

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