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Business Coaching CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Engage in Learning

    Positive Mental Health Awareness

    Engage in Learning

    How many of your friends; colleagues and family do you think might be experiencing mental health problems at any one time? Without help and support; people with mental health problems... Read more

  • Jolt

    Becoming a Skilled Interviewer


    In this workshop you’ll learn two interview preparation techniques that will boost your confidence as an interviewer as well as smoothen the experience of the interviewee. Read more

  • Jigsaw Initiatives

    Action Learning Sets (A Set member and participant;s Training Course)

    Jigsaw Initiatives

    Action Learning Sets is about establishing a reflective learning space in a trusted environment; set members learn to refine and improve on their listening and questioning skills. The... Read more

  • Progressive Property Ventures

    Deal Packaging

    Progressive Property Ventures

    This course reveals how to make cash in your spare time and replace your income by monetising almost every deal – especially those you don’t want to keep for yourself.

    Read more
  • Progressive Property Ventures

    Serviced Accommodation Intensive

    Progressive Property Ventures

    This course will teach you the most secure and profitable ways to let via serviced accommodation; reassuring you about the apparent risks of voids or occupancy rates; and introducing... Read more

  • Kenley College

    Entrepreneurial Leadership

    Kenley College

    The Entrepreneurial Leadership course helps participants to establish and lead a business for sustainable success. The course allows you to: Get clear: Use the entrepreneurial insight... Read more

  • Lasting Impact

    Effective Teams

    Lasting Impact

    You never forget being part of an exceptional team; and we believe all teams have the capacity to be outstanding. We work on the individual level first; so people can understand how... Read more

  • Jigsaw Initiatives

    Action Learning Sets (A Facilitator’s Training Course)

    Jigsaw Initiatives

    This 3 day Training Course will support delegates to develop on their personal and professional skills in exploring and developing Action Learning Facilitation skills. Delegates will... Read more

  • Training Express

    Level 2 Food Hygiene and Safety for Catering

    Training Express

    Level 2 Food Hygiene and Safety for Catering is exclusively designed to educate in the handling; preparation and serving of food in the catering industry.

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  • Training Express

    Workplace First Aid Training

    Training Express

    The Workplace First Aid Training is intended to teach you the essential knowledge; skills and confidence required to support you in providing first aid either in your workplace or at... Read more

  • Training Express

    Asbestos Awareness Training

    Training Express

    Asbestos is a group of silicate minerals; a hazardous substance that can cause serious ill-health or become life-threatening to anyone who is severely exposed to it. Working with it... Read more

  • Training Express

    Safeguarding Children Level 1

    Training Express

    The course intends to instruct individuals who work with kids or families on what child protection is; the means by which child abuse can be perceived and how to approach revealing... Read more

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