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Business Sub-Sectors

Business CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Green Gorilla Consultants Ltd

    Green Gorilla Masterclass Programme

    Green Gorilla Consultants Ltd

    The Green Gorilla Masterclass Programme is a unique live; online leadership and management training and coaching programme tailored to environmental and sustainability consultants. It... Read more

  • BNP Paribas Investment Academy

    Disruption and Impact Investing in UK SME Lending

    BNP Paribas Investment Academy

    During this seminar we will discuss the evolution of the UK SME lending market and our experts will look at: Digital disruption in SME lending; Disrupting bank driven origination to... Read more

  • Holly and Hugo

    A vet in the making

    Holly and Hugo

    It takes more than a love of animals to be a top vet. Get your studies off to a flying start by learning the procedures and mechanics of a successful practice. Our course is compiled by... Read more

  • Holly and Hugo

    Dog walking

    Holly and Hugo

    This in-depth course covers everything you need to know to start a successful career as a dog walker! You’ll expand your knowledge of dog training and psychology while gaining useful... Read more

  • Holly and Hugo

    Make animal care your business

    Holly and Hugo

    With this course you’ll find all the information you need to turn your passion for pets into a profitable business. This course will help you expand your horizons exploring many... Read more

  • Miad Healthcare

    Professional development for Medical Trainers

    Miad Healthcare

    This newly developed programme has been designed to be unique to the organisations that they are being delivered to; by incorporating the results of their trainer/ trainee survey. We... Read more

  • Miad Healthcare

    Providing Feedback

    Miad Healthcare

    This course will discuss the importance of providing feedback as part of establishing and maintaining an environment for learning and: apply a simple model for providing feedback;... Read more

  • EnergiseYou Ltd

    Mental health champions

    EnergiseYou Ltd

    This is a two-day training course for Mental Health Champions within law firms. The course covers how to support your colleagues that are struggling with mental health challenges as... Read more

  • EnergiseYou Ltd

    Mental health champions recap and review

    EnergiseYou Ltd

    This workshop/webinar focuses on a recap of the core essentials from the two-day Mental health champions training course plus provides mental health champions with further ongoing... Read more

  • Immersive Business Training DMCC

    Teaching and Learning in Higher Education

    Immersive Business Training DMCC

    This course aims to provide a unique introduction to practice of higher education teaching with the only goal to become a good teacher. This course invites you to discover the knowledge... Read more

  • Legal-Island

    Child Protection in Secondary Schools Fundamentals


    Child Protection training plan and was designed specifically for schools in Ireland by a team of child protection experts and lawyers. It covers: What amounts to abuse and what signs to... Read more

  • Legal-Island

    GDPR Compliance in the Northern Ireland Workplace Fundamentals


    The GDPR compliance training plan and was designed specifically for Northern Ireland-based organisations by a team of data protection experts and lawyers. It covers: The 6 principals of... Read more

More information about Business

The business sector is a vast field covering an array of both general and specialist areas of expertise and skills. New technologies and the growth of the digital environment, changes in working practice, the perspective of consumer demand and customer service, as well as the ongoing advancement of globalisation, creates new dynamic challenges for the entire business community and the managers & business professionals working within the sector.

As the business sector naturally evolves, as will the need for high skilled business managers & leaders with the skillsets to steer their industry’s forward. However, with this also comes the increase in competition for job roles and functions, and the need for upskilling, practical experienced-based training & education.

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