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Product Design Courses

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Product Design CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Ancon Ltd

    Designing for Joints in Structural Concrete

    Ancon Ltd

    Seminar for:
    • Replacing lapped joints & projecting starter bars using reinforcement continuity systems
    • Selection, performance and testing of rebar couplers Read more

  • Interserve Specialist Joinery

    An Insight Into Joinery

    Interserve Specialist Joinery

    A 60 to 75 minutes long seminar covering a range of subjects; Specifying Veneers; Lean construction techniques; Fabricating using Solid Surface; Use Of 3D Modelling in joinery;... Read more

  • EOS Framing Limited

    SFS - A Framework For Building A Better Future

    EOS Framing Limited

    An introductory seminar to EOS Facades; An introductory seminar to cold-formed sections; specifically how they are used in the SFS and steel frame markets in the UK. The seminar covers... Read more

  • Conflict Management and Resolution

    A comprehensive and knowledgable power-point and practical delivery of theory and soft skills required for conflict management in a part generalised and part retail specific delivery... Read more

  • Nittan Europe Ltd

    Reducing unwanted “False” Fire Alarms with Multi-sensors

    Nittan Europe Ltd

    We are all familiar with the many problems associated with false alarms: they are estimated to cost UK businesses around a billion pounds per year; Reducing false alarms is therefore a... Read more

  • The British Gear Association (BGA)

    Gear Cutting & Measurement

    The British Gear Association (BGA)

    This Seminar will cover basic involute gear theory; terms and definitions for spur and helical gears. Additionally; practical work on the measurement of gears including calculations on... Read more

  • The British Gear Association (BGA)

    Heat Treatment of Gear Steels

    The British Gear Association (BGA)

    Philip Clarke will describe the heat treatment of gear steels. The basic metallurgical concepts and key principles; the enhancement of surface properties by carburising and induction... Read more

  • Nittan Europe Ltd

    Input / Output interface devices for use in Fire Alarm Systems

    Nittan Europe Ltd

    We are all familiar with the basic Detection and Alarm equipment installed as part of a Fire Alarm system. However; the system can be used to control a much broader range of equipment;... Read more

  • Ancon Ltd

    The Correct Use of Wall Ties and Head Restraints

    Ancon Ltd

    This seminar provides an overview of best practice in the selection and installation of common masonry fixings, focusing on cavity wall ties and head restraints. It has been designed to... Read more

  • Ancon Ltd

    Structural Masonry Repairs

    Ancon Ltd

    Seminar focuses on non-disruptive solutions for masonry repairs to retain aesthetic appearance and restore the long-term structural integrity. Repair options are illustrated through... Read more

  • Chauvin Arnoux UK Ltd

    Energy efficiency

    Chauvin Arnoux UK Ltd

    An educational update on future energy requirements that includes an overview of the energy efficiency challenges that industry faces; along with a practical workshop on energy logging... Read more

  • Elite Renewables Limited

    Heat Pumps – and how to use them

    Elite Renewables Limited

    This seminar covers: Heat pumps and what types are available; How do heat pumps actually work? How to size a heat pump and be aware of the pitfalls. Applications for heat pumps. Budgets... Read more

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