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Science Sub-Sectors

Science CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Research Quality Association

    Introduction to Managing an Audit Programme eLearning

    Research Quality Association

    This online course covers the background and the granting of authority to managing an audit programme together with its establishment; implementation; monitoring and reviewing and... Read more

  • Research Quality Association

    ISO 9001 2015 eLearning

    Research Quality Association

    Following its adoption on the 30th September 2018; this eLearning module looks at the changes and nuances between 9001:2008; and 9001:2015. This course has 7 modules; and includes... Read more

  • Informa Connect

    Upstream Bioprocess Development

    Informa Connect

    Starting with cell line development; the course will move on to focus on media selection; screening; initial upstream process development and quality concerns to help you in laying the... Read more

  • Informa Connect

    The Pharma & Biopharm Mini-MBA

    Informa Connect

    This hands-on programme will help you develop the key skills needed to navigate the ever-changing (bio) pharmaceutical environment. Aimed at management; leaders of projects and... Read more

  • Informa Connect

    GDPR and Data Proteciton in the Pharmaceutical Industry

    Informa Connect

    Since its beginning; the pharmaceutical industry has used and depended on personal data. Under the new GDPR; this data is subject to higher standards of protection since much of the... Read more

  • Informa Connect

    Medical Device Regulatory Project Management

    Informa Connect

    2020 marks an important date for the Medical Devices industry; as the European Union’s Medical Device Regulation (MDR) will take effect. Two years after; the In Vitro Diagnostic... Read more

  • LEO Pharma

    The Dermatology Challenge in Primary Care

    LEO Pharma

    The virtual training will be reviewing patient cases on inflammatory skin conditions. The two focal topics are Eczema and Psoriasis. Title: Top Tips for Managing Atopic Eczema and... Read more

  • Wellspect HealthCare

    Advancing Continence Care together in partnership with Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Continence Modules for bladder and bowel health

    Wellspect HealthCare

    This continence course has been developed for those healthcare professionals involved in the assessment and treatment of patients with any bladder or bowel health issues. The course... Read more

  • Forensic Evidence in Cases of Terrorism and Serious Crime

    Forensic Equity Ltd

    With the rise of so-called police ‘experts’ offering evidence to the Court it is more important than ever that solicitors representing understand forensic evidence and... Read more

  • Novartis Pharma UK


    Novartis Pharma UK

    This course will include training on Survival Time; Censoring; Survival Function; Hazard Function; Kaplan Meier Analysis; Log Rank Test; Cox Proportional Hazards Model; Hazard... Read more


    Basic Statistics and Data Interpretation


    This course provides a basic introduction to the use of statistics and how to interpret statistical data. The course is particularly suitable for anyone planning to undertake a simple... Read more

  • An Introduction to Electric Vehicle Charging

    SmartEV Ltd

    A quick and informative workshop that covers all the basics of Electric Vehicle Charging and the driving force behind incorporating charging units within new developments. Gain a... Read more

More information about Science

Science inevitably becomes increasingly central across all sectors of society. Science plays a decisive role in the advancement of society, and the more we understand the more we are able to progress & positively change the future. Science is considered to be the pursuit and application of knowledge and understanding of the natural and social worlds following systematic & methodical approaches based on evidence.

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