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Organisation Description

3M is a diversified technology company which manufactures and supplies thousands of products including Passive & Active Fire Protection and electrical connectors into many markets including the global oil and gas industry and energy industry.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Clean Agent Fire Suppression Options In A Changing Regulatory Landscape

    Seminar | 3M

    The presentation provides an overview of the different clean agents fire suppression options available in the market place with special consideration to the changes in the regulatory landscape.

  • Design Considerations For Hydrocarbon Fire Protection Of Structural Steel And Cable Trays

    Seminar | 3M

    This seminar will increase awareness of the different options available in the marketplace and explore their advantages and considerations.

  • Hearing Conservation

    Online Course | 3M

    Hearing Conservation e-learning is a flexible; interactive online series of 4 modules aimed at demystifying noise; helping organisations understand the legislation; and providing simple; practical suggestions to help deal with noise issues. Written by experts; but delivered in language and bitesize chunks that are accessible to all; this e-learning package should give health and safety personnel the confidence to begin to tackle noise issues in their place of work.

  • Ceramic Sand Control for Increasing Well Productivity

    Seminar | 3M

    Sand control is a constant problem in soft or weak geological formations. Thousands of feet downhole; formation sand can choke oil or gas production – and if it isn’t filtered out; this sand can damage equipment downstream. This seminar shows how innovative ceramic materials can be used to prevent downhole erosion and corrosion and maximise flow capacity in oil and gas wells.

  • Innovative Materials for Increasing Torque Capacity and Safety Factor

    Seminar | 3M

    Especially within the automotive industry; there is a general trend toward compact; lightweight designs that nevertheless must be highly reliable. The demand for maximum power density; i.e. the transmission of ever-greater forces and torque in increasingly compact designs; poses a major challenge to engineers. In friction joints; the given coefficient of static friction imposes definite physical limits on power transmission capabilities. This seminar shows how innovative friction shim materials create possibilities for lightweight and compact design while increasing potential load and peak torque in bolt connections.

  • Innovative Materials for Vehicle Light Weighting Applications

    Seminar | 3M

    Consumer and government pressure for lower carbon emissions; increased vehicle performance and comfort has led to the development of a number of innovative vehicle weight reducing solutions. These solutions can help in the reduction of carbon emissions from vehicles. This seminar provides an understanding of the full range of materials available to help weight reduction in vehicle design