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Organisation Description

We provide consultancy and specialized knowledge focusing on human behaviour analysis and awareness through our senses to form meaningful change in security procedures, we term it as Education of the Senses. 6ECURITY designed a training program that focuses on developing these senses, specifically for the use in a security related environment.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Behaviour Enhanced Screening Techniques

    Training Course | 6ecurity Ltd

    6ecurity Ltd

    B.E.S.T.; an interviewing method for the aviation industry; highlights the threat to aviation; how to detect suspicious behaviour and how to deal with different type of people. The questioning technique requires different qualities form our agents such as social skills; communicative skills and being customer service minded. We use suspicious indicators to have focus points and combine them with expert questioning techniques. This course will employ lecture; discussion and analysis. The course will have extensive use of case studies; image; role plays; videos; PowerPoint slides and group work sessions.

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