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Organisation Description

Acheta is a consultancy operating independently of commercial pest control concerns. We provide truly independent pest control consultancy services to our clients throughout the UK and mainland Europe.

Tailored to the needs of individual clients, we can deliver training in all aspects of pest control. Our Essential and Advanced pest awareness e-learning is tailored to the needs of the food and pharmaceutical industries.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Essential Pest Awareness

    Online Course | Acheta Consulting

    Acheta Consulting

    Designed for those involved with the safe storage and production of food; this entry level course aims to impart the key facts concerning those pests that may present a threat to food safety: Why controlling pests is important ;How they enter premises; How they enter premises; What they need to survive and multiply; The basic principles of Integrated Pest Management (IPM);Rodent and insect pest facts.

  • Bedbug Awareness

    Online Course | Acheta Consulting

    Acheta Consulting

    Hotels are in the front line of the battle with bed bugs. Housekeeping staff; the eyes and ears of a hotel; are best placed to spot signs of infestation. Housekeeping may also be in the front line when confronted by a guest who has been bitten. This course provides essential knowledge for those who may encounter bedbugs in the hospitality sector.

  • Advanced Pest Awareness

    Online Course | Acheta Consulting

    Acheta Consulting

    Most food safety standards include a requirement for the person responsible for managing pest control to have received relevant training. This course will meet this need and will also be invaluable to those who audit pest control in their own; or others; premises.

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