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Organisation Description

ACO Building Drainage specialises in the development of corrosion resistant drainage systems and building products for applications across the internal and external built environments.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Food Pathogens, Hygienic Drainage Selection & Hygienic Management

    Seminar | ACO Building Drainage

    This seminar raises awareness of the presence of pathogens in food production environments and highlights that some pathogens have significantly more serious consequences than others. Guidance is provided as to what to look for in drainage systems and the impact on cleaning regimes.

  • Effective Grease Management Systems For Food Processing And Preparation Areas

    Seminar | ACO Building Drainage

    Seminar discusses the performance and limitations of various grease management methods and how to effectively size and install a grease management system. Specification guidance and appropriate standards and building regulations are also covered.

  • Hygienic Drainage For Food Processing Applications

    Seminar | ACO Building Drainage

    Seminar outlines the regulatory requirements in respect to hygiene on commercial food processors and kitchen operators and explains the parlance or risk areas that are commonly used in the industry and the ramifications on the specifier.

  • Specify It Right! Materials For Corrosion Resistant & Hygienic Drainage Applications

    Seminar | ACO Building Drainage

    The seminar provides an in-depth analysis of corrosion resistant and hygienic drainage. Reviews the properties and suitability of various metals including stainless steel alloys and galvanised steel. Explains hydraulic performance, design layouts and load bearing capacity and includes project information checklist for project specifiers.

  • Combined Floor & Drainage Systems For Hygienic Applications - Minimising Risks

    Seminar | ACO Building Drainage

    Drainage elements create discontinuities in flooring systems which can lead to failures and cracks. As a consequence, areas are created where pathogens and bacteria form that cannot be cleaned. This seminar outlines the issues associated with flooring and drainage element combinations and provides clear guidance on how to avoid in-service failures.

  • Thin-Walled Stainless Steel Wastewater Pipe Systems

    Seminar | ACO Building Drainage

    This seminar introduces thin-walled stainless steel pipe concepts as a viable alternative to cast iron installations and provides the specifier with key information to allow an objective judgement to be made for a particular project.

  • The Construction Products Regulations Explained - The Good, Not So Good & Ugly

    Seminar | ACO Building Drainage

    The construction products regulations (CPR) came into force on 1st July 2013 and although the construction industry is generally aware of the CPR, there are many specifiers and manufacturers who are unclear as to what this means to them in practice. This seminar explains the objectives of the CPR and highlights the clear legal obligations on users, manufacturers and distributors. The seminar provides answers to commonly asked questions relating to the CPR and how to deal with manufacturers who appear not to be fulfilling their legal obligations