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Organisation Description

Ancon designs and manufactures high integrity steel components providing strength and stability to concrete-framed and masonry-clad buildings/structures around the world. Trusted for their integrity, reliability and compliance, Ancon has been conducting CPD Seminars for over 25 years.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Designing for Joints in Structural Concrete

    Seminar | Ancon Ltd

    Ancon Ltd

    Seminar for:
    • Replacing lapped joints & projecting starter bars using reinforcement continuity systems
    • Selection, performance and testing of rebar couplers
    • Incorporating thermal breaks at balcony locations
    • Transferring shear across movement joints and accommodating thermal movement in two directions
    • Replacing double columns, corbels and half lap joints
    • Reinforcing against punching shear to EC2 using links and stud rail systems

  • The Correct Use of Wall Ties and Head Restraints

    Seminar | Ancon Ltd

    Ancon Ltd

    This seminar provides an overview of best practice in the selection and installation of common masonry fixings, focusing on cavity wall ties and head restraints. It has been designed to educate the market on key issues raised by the 2017 ‘Report of the Independent Inquiry into the Construction of Edinburgh Schools’ which found avoidable construction defects in the masonry panels. The seminar is designed to address this industry need.

  • Structural Masonry Repairs

    Seminar | Ancon Ltd

    Ancon Ltd

    Seminar focuses on non-disruptive solutions for masonry repairs to retain aesthetic appearance and restore the long-term structural integrity. Repair options are illustrated through case studies for domestic and commercial structures, including historic and listed buildings.

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