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Bayer focuses strongly on the key goals of improving profit performance and cost efficiency, leading to top line growth and, ultimately, added value for all its stakeholders, customers, suppliers, shareholders, employees and its local communities.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Restore the Man meetings

    Seminar | Bayer Healthcare

    Bayer Healthcare

    In this meeting leading experts in the fields of urology; endocrinology; Primary care and sexual medicine will provide a series of interactive workshops and presentations on the latest clinical updates in men’s health.

  • Global Webinar

    Webinar | Bayer Healthcare

    Bayer Healthcare

    The global webinar is an online hour long presentation delivered by 3 UK healthcare professionals. Prof Raj Patel; Prof Roopen Arya; Prof. James Uprichard to talk around the VTE condition; latest NOAC trial insights; followed by a panel discussion.

  • Restore the Man Webinar

    Webinar | Bayer Healthcare

    Bayer Healthcare

    Understanding Erectile Dysfunction. This webinar will address areas of consideration for the assessment and management of erectile dysfunction; a symptom which may form part of a larger constellation of pathological processes. Aetiology of ED; Approach considerations for ED; Medical management options for ED; Exploring the relationship of ED and TD

  • Restore the Man Webinar : Cardiovascular Disease and Testosterone Deficiency: Unpacking the Evidence

    Webinar | Bayer Healthcare

    Bayer Healthcare

    The subject of much scrutiny; this webinar will introduce and discuss the current issues and debate around testosterone deficiency and cardiovascular disease. Background; Examining the evidence; Clinical considerations.

  • Erectile Dysfunction and Testosterone Deficiency Webinar

    Webinar | Bayer Healthcare

    Bayer Healthcare

    This session will focus on: The conditions and treatment options for Erectile Dysfunction and Testosterone Deficiency; The patient benefits from the appropriate management of these conditions; The diagnosis; screening; appropriate referral and management of patients with Erectile Dysfunction and/or Testosterone Deficiency; The local pathways; clinics and key contacts in the region; National and local guidance

  • Restore the Man Case Studies

    Online Course | Bayer Healthcare

    Bayer Healthcare

    These three modules are designed to explore some of the main themes from our Restore the Man webinar series: Erectile Dysfunction and Testosterone Deficiency; Screening and Diagnosis of Testosterone Deficiency and Testosterone Replacement Therapy and Monitoring

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