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Organisation Description

Behaviour Hackers is a behaviour analysis consultancy that trains business executives around the globe to provide them with the upper hand in business settings. Our team trains individuals to achieve their goals by teaching them techniques that help them decrease the amount of effort and time used to make an impact and produce change. Their innovative approach it’s based in turning research into highly practical steps that have proven successful and highly engaging, receiving great feedback and praise from her clients. Some of their clients include the BBC, RICOH, Innoenergy, Oliver Wyman, Aston University, BCU and Georgetown University.

Through behaviour analysis and business emotional intelligence, our team trains our clients in efficient and effective communication techniques that go beyond words. By working with us, you will learn to have control of how you are perceived and engage in more successful and positive interactions. They provide workshops, keynotes and coaching focusing on areas such as public speaking, career development, management, leadership and entrepreneurship.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Managing with Greater Influence

    Training Course | Behaviour Hackers

    Behaviour Hackers

    We spend 70% of our managerial time influencing others. Would it not be incredibly useful to know how to do it more effectively? This course is aimed at leaders who want to save time and effort by learning research-backed techniques that are vital to influence other. This is especially beneficial for new managers and leaders looking to make lasting change faster and more efficiently. By working with us; you will learn to have control of how you are perceived and engage in more successful and positive interactions.

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